Monday, May 25, 2015

Biotin for Hair Growth By Prime Nutrients+

Vanity is something that we all have in some shape or form.  Mine was always my hair, I was proud of how thick it was.  Over the years I have had medications that have thinned it out and caused it to be fragile.  Nothing like losing a ton of hair.  While hair loss is normal, 80-100 hairs a day, it is minimal compared to how many hairs we have on our head.  The problem stems from when it does not grow back or as strong as before.  My loss was due to medication, but my sister had hair loss due to a pregnancy she had.  Hers grew back, mine didn't, LOL.

Vitamins and Keratin are important to hair loss, also to fragile nails and skin.  Biotin is a water soluble vitamin also known as Vitamin B-7, vitamin H, or coenzyme R.  It helps build the keratin in your body which is the  key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin. It is also the key structural component of hair and nails. 

Prime Nutrients+ prides itself on their great supplements, including their biotin.  They offer a Biotin supplement that has no additives beyond its capsule.  They also offer a 2 month supply at a low cost backed up by a 60 day guarantee.  Only take as recommended, unless otherwise recommended by a physician. 

Not everyone is biotin deficient and it will work differently on everyone.  Side effects, if any will also vary depending on person.  You may see a difference in your skin, hair and nails but it does take time, this too will vary depending on if you need the vitamin and if you take multi-vitamins, medication, or have a disorder that could be causing hair loss.           

There isn't any harm in trying biotin as it does work its way out of your system quickly  being water soluble.  So if your hair is thinning, your nails are breaking, and your skin looks dull try some today.  It may just be what the doctor would order.          

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