Friday, May 1, 2015

Premium Leather Workout Gloves by Alpha Impact

In many situations our hands can be the bane of our existence.  They tell a lot about us and sometimes too much.  For instance callused hands often mean a hard worker in the physical sense.  Dry hands usually mean we are slightly dehydrated and then you have the wrinkled hands that usually constitute age.   Good thing is with proper care our hands do not have to show too much of a story about us.  

With these Premium Leather workout gloves we can protect our hands from the calluses and dryness that can really age our hands and cause problems.   These gloves are initially for women who workout, to protect their gloves from the blisters and calluses that can form from the barbells and other bars involved in a great workout.  Yes they are great for that, but recently I have discovered this gloves are great for so much more.  

Have you ever been working outside and in doing yard work, wearing regular garden gloves, you still get the blisters and calluses from pruning, lawn mowing, weed eating and so much more?   That is where these gloves come into effect.  After all you are working out in a sense.  I know I get the blisters and calluses from gardening and the thin gardening gloves just do not help.  They may protect my fingers, but they are hard to maneuver in and do not have padding, plus they dry out my skin.   With these Leather workout gloves you can prune, mow, and weed eat while protecting your hands in the right areas.  The padding will help protect your lower fingers and hand below your fingers from the  blisters and calluses.  The gloves also have a microfiber towel area on the back of the glove so you can wipe your sweat more effectively, and softly.   You will get the flexibility that is needed to work the equipment and the glove are strong and well sewn to last a long time.  

These gloves will work for sports, such as bicycling, hiking and much more, that also tend to wear on your hands.  They fit all women and wrist sizes with the adjustable wrist band.  So whether you are into barbells, gardening or roughing up your hands other ways, these gloves will make a great addition to protecting your hands. 

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