Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Balaclava: Full Face Mask with Hood (2-pack) by UrbaFitness

My sons have had to work outside for jobs, walk to school, do yard work and through it all we have tried hoods, face masks, and scarves for them to protect them.  Nothing has worked, besides who wants to wear a winter face mask in the summer to protect their face from flying grass while weed eating?   These are problems we have come up with in their activities, if it isn't the grass it is the wind, snow, dirt, rain, etc.   

So when my son saw that I got the chance to review these Balaclavas he was excited.  He made it well known he wanted one.  I have two sons so the 2-pack was awesome!!  When we received them the first one to it was my son. Austin.  He put it on an it fit really well.  He was excited to find out the different ways he could wear it.  It can be worn both open and closed, as a scarf, hat, neck gaiter, half mask, full mask, doo rag and so much more.  Austin decided to use it to cover his mouth since he had a cold.  He also used it to cover his head while weed eating the yard and realized how great it protects his face and yet he can still breather through it.  Little did we know at the time that he could get it wet and wring it out so that it could keep you cool while wearing. 

The material is a thin polyester, which makes it easy to breathe through and yet keep you warm.  It also makes it washable and easy to care for. The material stretches for a great fit on all who use it, one size fits all.  This one comes in black but you can find them in different colors. 

I think will be really great for all those who do activities outside, or for those who have to bear the weather.   With all the ways you can wear them isn't about time you bought some for your family?  

Get yours HERE

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