Friday, May 1, 2015


I have a terrible habit, when I am not typing and I am searching items I rest my elbow on the desk.  I learned the hard way that is a great way to pinch nerves and cause my carpal tunnel to settle in the elbow.   Not a good thing.  Not only does it pinch the nerves it causes pain and so I have to be careful where I rest my elbow.  Sad thing is I have a recliner that pinches the elbow nerves, too.  So I decided it was time to try this Elbow Brace from MyProSports.   Much to my surprise it really helps. 

The elbow brace gives my elbow some cushion and support throughout the day helping relief the nerves.  It fits comfortably and adjusts around the two arm bands that connect it.  The elbow part is thick and well cushioned and the whole piece is sewn very well.   

The compression isn't a tight one but it does use your body heat in the area to give a great therapeutic warmth for the elbow,  which is helpful to many injuries or strains our elbows take in our daily lives. 
If you get tennis elbow, or injuries in the area, including nerve pinches I highly recommend trying an elbow brace to help the healing or just for cushioned support when needed.  

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