Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Every where you go there is a beautiful world to see, whether you are hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, etc.   There is beauty everywhere, and one of the great ways we get to see that is by activity.  I can think about all the times I have hiked or visited a national park and have seen so much beauty, problem was that I was never able to get the best pics because I had to stop to take them. Some views there was not a place to actually stop and take the pic, totally missing the moment. Horseback riding is another such moment, I have seen herds of beautiful elk and deer, yet by the time you stop to take the pic they have spotted you and moved on, again missing the moment. 

Thank goodness for the progression of electronics.  With the social media we have been able to see more and experience more, things we would otherwise not see.  Not only with social media but with the progression of sports and activities cameras, that can video while you are active, have opened a whole new world for us.  We can now experience sky diving, skiing, and well some of the stunts that people do without having to leave our homes.  How great is that?  

Thanks to Anart's Sports Cam I can now go horseback riding in the Utah mountains and share the ride with my friends in England and Australia.  I can go ghost hunting with my son and keep my hands free for more equipment.  I can hike and show the world without having to stop.  

Why Anarts Sports Cam??  Because you get what you need to start your video and photo journey. There sports cam comes with a waterproof case, perfect for keeping your camera safe and for me to walk under the waterfalls.  They also include: 8 mounts, 2 clips, helmet mounts, tethers, and bandages.  The camera comes with a USB Charger and plug adapter.  

You can see what your filming or taking pictures of with the LCD screen on back, and it takes great pictures and videos due to the The 12-megapixel, Full HD 1080P and 170°wide-angle fisheye lens. The pictures are so clear and crisp.  You can film over 70 minutes of video and the burst shot feature is great for those moments that change in a blink.  The instructions will lead you by picture how do put the mounts together, they are also easy to follow on how to work the camera. You can also connect your phone WiFi and work it via the free app iSmart DV.

 I think one of my favorite features it he mini HDMI so you can see your film on your tv!  See the big picture. There are so many ways you can use this camera and do with it that I won't bore with all the details.  If you're like me you play and learn with it either way!  This cam is great for those on a budget to get started with filming their activities and stunts or just have more money for the play instead of spending it all on the more expensive models.  The quality is great!

I have really enjoyed working with this company, and unlike some out there they do care about their customers and want you to be happy with what you purchase.   

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                             (What you get) 

                              Picture taken with Sports Cam

Video taken with
Sports Cam

Video taken from my sons bike ride with Cam.

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