Monday, March 7, 2016

ACEVIVI Professional-Quality Flat Iron Hair Straightener

ACEVIVI Professional-Quality Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Temperature Control, Ceramic Tourmaline Plates, Ionic Anti-Static (Black) from ACEVIVI

As a kid I had the straightest hair, and I mean the straightest, and in the time when curly hair was in style.   Isn't that the way hair's own way!  So I permed and permed my hair.  As I got older I learned techniques, like the Aqua Net overload and the aerosol can wings!  That was until I put myself through cosmetology school, and learned the "right" techniques.

I still permed and I added color throughout the years.  Over time my hair started to go wavy and then even more curly, without the perm.  Problem is that now days the style is straight hair, which my hair has decided is not it's style, now that it is curly!  

Thank goodness someone made straight (flat) irons!!  The one technique I never learned, and will never use, is taking the clothes iron to your hair on the ironing board.  Not happening! The flat irons made for hair is a total life saver.  

I have tried several flat irons and I haven't had many that I didn't like but I have had those that seem to miraculously turn off on their own while I am straightening my hair.  If it wasn't turning off the temp would lower.  Come to find out where the buttons were my fingers kept hitting and that caused it to take longer doing my hair. 

I think that is why I love the Acevivi Flat Iron, the on/off is a switch that is on the inside of the handles.  The temp control is also on the inside and is easy to adjust.  My fingers will not be able to trick the temp or turn off the iron on me again!  When you turn on the iron there is a little red light that goes on and when the iron reaches the temp you have set the light turns green letting you know the iron is ready.  This iron heats up to 230 C (450 F) which is great because for my hair the hotter the better to keep it straight.  

I also love the fact that there is a cross hatch pattern on the handles, it adds a grip for easier holding.   Considering I have Fibromyalgia, Seizures, and Carapal tunnel (yeah I am a mess LOL), some days holding a flat iron can be a task and I have had many days where I have dropped my smooth handled ones.  I find that this cross hatch pattern it gives me a better grip and helps me from dropping the iron so bad.   The iron is well balanced in weight and is light, this too helps.  

The tourmaline plates create a really smooth and silky look that I have to admit looks good on my hair!  The cord doesn't get tangled up while using making greater ease in usage.  I really enjoy using this iron and highly recommend it if you are looking for a nice smooth look for your hair. 

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