Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trios Crossbody Bag - Designer Crossbody Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap Perfect Messenger Bag for Woman - Multiple Pocket Crossbody Purse for Women Top Zipper Closure Crossbody Purse - Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Woman By MKF Collection

Have you ever had those times when you are shopping and it is crowded, you are trying hard to get through the crowd without knocking items off the shelves with your purse?   It never fails, you pack your bag with all the things you may need,  book for those long waits, makeup (after all we know how shopping makes you sweat), the mini bag with our monthly personals, pepper spray, stun gun, pocket knife and those little tools for everything,  nail polish and nails (often broke in the shopping hassle), checkbook, wallet with credit cards, coin purse, card holder for all those beloved discount cards, I can go on.  A woman's arsenal!  

Yet those big bags can get in the way during shopping, on the bus or subway, during work or school, so for some of us we designate what we need solely for that time and downsize.  The perfect downsized bag for getting around in crowds is the messenger crossbody bag style.  Not only is is small enough to carry the necessity of our wallet. phone, keys, and lipstick it is safer to carry all those around in when in crowds.  

The main strap is long enough to go over your neck and a shoulder giving you bag a firm safe spot to hang.  This prevents someone from being able to come along and rip your bag off your shoulder or out of your hand.  This also allows the bag to hug your body, this prevents it from bulging out and hitting everything around you. 

The Trios Crossbody messenger bag gives you this security.  It also has a smaller strap so that in the not so crowded times you can carry it by hand.  The faux leather look is quality, it has the soft weathered leather look with a beautiful medallion sporting the front.  The front has 2 stylish zippered pockets that open up for extra space and quick access.  The back has another zippered pocket.  The zipper pulls are chunky and really add to the style.
The inside is lined with a quality fabric and has one other zippered pocket.  The stitching of this bag is done really well and gives this bag the quality aspect it deserves.  The crossbody bag comes in 15 colors (black is sold out at time of this posting).   I really love the style and will continue to use this bag for my needs, after all I hate leaving purses in a shopping cart and they fall off my shoulders all the time!!  This one won't!!  

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water 11.1 Oz (Pack of 12) from COCOZIA

Coconut water is the latest craze in health food industry. It is refreshing, healthy, and can help in hydration.
Some people have a problem drinking water due to the taste, if that is the case and they can handle coconut water than it will help replenish their system.

Coconut water is the clear liquid in the fruit’s center that is tapped from young, green coconuts. Some coconut waters are flavored and have added sugar, and some are from older coconuts and contain more sugars. The best is from young, organic coconuts with no added flavors or sugars.

Considering most people do not get the appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals in their diet, coconut water can be beneficial to help gain some of those missed nutrients. One such nutrient being potassium. Potassium is essential to your brain and muscles. A lack of potassium can cause muscle cramps, muscle weakness, and fatigue. Other indications for a deficiency of potassium include inactive reflexes, abnormal heartbeat, heart palpitations, anemia and severe headaches. Potassium-deficient people may also experience high blood pressure, pain in their intestines, swelling in their glands and diabetes as serious side effects of this deficiency.

Coconut water has more potassium and less sugar and sodium than sports drinks. Therefore is a great way to hydrate while replenishing your potassium and electrolytes.

At only 70 calories for a 11oz drink you can easily fit coconut water into your diet. Coconut water is great to use in place of water for juicing, or certain recipes that call for water, you can also use it in smoothies, or mix it with your protein powder for a great protein drink. This is a great way to help your kids drink healthier, just replace this for punch or soda.

Cocozia's 100% Organic coconut water is all natural, no additives, no added sugars or flavors. Yet it has a sweet and light coconut taste. It contains a natural abundance of potassium and magnesium, as well as other electrolytes. Is USDA Organic Certified, NON GMO Verified, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Kosher Coconut Water. Great drink for great health. They sell it in a 12 pack so you have plenty on hand at a great price.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Ramini Brands Classic Ball And Metal Jacks Game Set 

The way life goes we have so many stories that start with: "Remember when...." yet those moments are what made us who we are today. After all, do you remember when you would go out to recess and jump rope, how devastating it could be when they were all taken. Or how about those bouncy red balls we played kickball or dodgeball with. The swingsets, the playground. Here in the States we had to do the Presidents Physical Fitness test, I failed the pull-ups each time. The one game that was always affordable and fun, either by yourself or with a friend, was Jacks. The bouncy ball and the jacks, where you would bounce the ball with one hand, hurry and pick up a jack and then catch the ball, all with that same hand. It was a test of skill, quickness, and hand and eye coordination.

I think Jacks was one of my favorite games. After all, I was better at it than my sister! We would sit on the kitchen floor and play until we could pick up all the jacks at once during that ball bounce, and the more jacks the better because the longer you could play the game. Sadly I don't remember when or why I stopped playing, I just can't so it as of yet. I need to actually practice it now!

Here is a little background information on the game of Jacks from Wikipedia:

" Knucklebones, Fivestones, or Jacks, is a game of very ancient origin, usually played with five small objects, or ten in the case of jacks. Originally the "knucklebones" (actually the astragalus: a bone in the ankle, or hock[1]) were those of a sheep, which were thrown up and caught in various manners. Modern knucklebones consist of six points, or knobs, proceeding from a common base, and are usually made of metal or plastic. The winner is the first player to successfully complete a prescribed series of throws, which, though similar, differ widely in detail. The simplest throw consists in tossing up one stone, the jack, and picking up one or more from the table while it is in the air. This continues until all five stones have been picked up. Another throw consists in tossing up first one stone, then two, then three and so on, and catching them on the back of the hand. Different throws have received distinctive names, such as "riding the elephant," "peas in the pod," and "horses in the stable."

As with many children's playground games, the game is known by a wide variety of names including astragaloi, hucklebones, dibs,dibstones, jackstones, chuckstones, five-stones jackrocks, onesies, or snobs."

Who knew it had been around that long?? Not I . There are many ways to play and each way can be more challenging then the next. Never a boring time.

Ramini offers a wonderful set of Jacks that is better than the original. the original consisted of one ball and 10 jacks.. Ramini has stepped it up since they remember how balls can bounce anywhere and disappear for life and jacks can go missing, until you step on them...worse than Lego's So they have added an extra ball and two extra jacks. They also give you a little bag to keep them in, they left the bag plain so you can decorate it how you would like!

If you remember the fun of playing jacks ( and scraping your knuckles on the concrete, thus the kitchen floor concept) you can have fun again. Re-teach yourself, teach your kids or grandkids!!

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