Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Heaven's Bliss Detangling Brush

Many of us are vain about our hair, we like it clean, brushed, and styled.   Yet, if you have fine hair or long hair brushing can be a painful task.  If your hair is like mine, it tangles really easy and brushing is not always and easy chore.   Damaged and treated hair can also cause problems.  We go through the routines daily just to look our best. 

Now we can have a brush that goes through our hair, detangles without pain.  The Detangling Brush from Heaven's Bliss is made for just that.  This detangling brush has been designed with two different layers of black, plastic bristles, one longer and one shorter.  As you brush through your hair the longer ones get closer to the scalp while the shorter ones work further down.  This bristle method helps detangle hair while brushing through it and without the pain and hassle.  

The handle is shaped ergonomically so it fits into your hand properly and makes it easy to hold the brush properly for easier control and handling while brushing your hair.   It is lightweight, making it easier for holding and maneuvering.  It goes through wet an dry hair with ease.   The brush comes in four stylish colors: hot pink, luscious lavender, rose red, and lime green. 

I have had my niece, who has waist long and thick Peruvian hair, try this brush and she is able to use it without any problems or pain unlike with other brushes. 

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