Monday, May 4, 2015

Selfie Stick, Foldable Bluetooth Monopod by cliqStick

Selfies are everywhere!! The joy of photography has hit everyone at some point or another.  With the smart phones it has made it easy to take a pic and share with all our friends and on all social sites.  We share our food, our trips, our family,  and the tricky photos of us with a group or a background.  With the magic of the selfie stick we can easily get those group photos and backgrounds just right. 
The next trick is to find the right stick.  I mean it is a pain getting the right pic angle then having to figure out how to get the camera to click the pic with it being on a stick 3 feet away.   The other trick, how to take a selfie stick with us everywhere, they can be kind of bulky and take up space.

This is where the Selfie Stick from cliqStick comes in.   This selfie stick is small and compact. It has a foldable mobile clip so that you can save space while storing in your purse, glove box, or other areas.  The clip adjusts to get the right angle for your camera.  You can fit any phone into the clip and not have to worry about adjusting the clip, it closes tightly on your phone for safer photographing.  

The selfie pole extends out 3 ft and has a bluetooth button on the handle that can connect to your phone so when ready all you have to do is click the bluetooth button and the picture is taken.  The handle also has a non slip grip for safer control of your selfie stick.   

The instructions are fairly easy to understand even though the languages are a bit intertwined.  There are instructions on the back of the box that is the best way to understand how to work your stick. 

I like the white color and the bluetooth aspect.   I find this to be a really nice stick, and even though I am not a big selfie person I am keeping this in my purse for those moments in time that you just have to preserve.

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