Friday, May 22, 2015

Brightech™ - SCORPION - Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger for Electronics and Mobile Devices with Carrying Case 

I remember before being able to afford cell phones *gasp* and driving along the freeway just to end up at the side of the road with a flat tire or out of gas.  Not knowing is I could get or ride or trust a ride, having to walk until a ride showed up.   Now days we have cell phones but problems still occur, have you ever had to make a call and find out your battery is going to die.  You sit there a hope that the call will last long enough for help.  

Then there are the times when you get home so tired you forget to turn off the headlights, and next thing you know your battery is dead and no one is around to help you jump the battery.  You're on a trip, packing was rushed, you remembered your tablet and/or laptop but low and behold you forgot your adapter.  Things happen and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it or anybody who can help you.  Unfortunately, our society is so dependent on electronics and doing things ourselves, that we really wish we had that perfect emergency kit.  Now we do!!

Thanks to Brightech there is such a kit, the perfect "power" emergency kit.  The Scorpion! The black case contains all you need for those emergencies.  The main piece is the Scorpion, a battery pack that carries an ultra large capacity of 10,000 mAh, has a 400 Amp peak and is long lasting.  Only needs charging every 6 months. 

Missing power cord for laptop?  This kit contains 8 adapters for laptops and cord to connect to battery pack, computer powered.   Forgot your phone charger, kits has adapters for phones, including Iphones and Androids,  no more worries.  

Best yet...did you kill your battery, just hook up the the mini jumper cables and jump your car, does not need another car, the power pack does it for you.  The battery pack also has a strong led light, just in case you need a flashlight, which also can signal an SOS distress signal if needed.  All of this comes in a really nice carry case that is very well constructed to keep it organized and in the right place. 

I fell in love with this kit, because I always worry about "what if's" of cars, things happen and I want to be prepared.  This kit is now located in my car, right next to my first aid kit.   So if you travel or just need a little more security, the Scorpion will provide that in home or on the road! 

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