Wednesday, April 29, 2015

INDIARY Genuine Buffalo Leather Photo Album Scrapbook with 10x7 Inch Handmade Paper 

We all have those men in our lives that are hard to buy for when their birthday or Fathers Day comes around.  We have tried aftershave, shave kits, car accessories, food, but the only thing that really hits home for most men is pictures.  Pictures really do say more than words.  Whether they are of his kids, grandkids, friends, best fishing moments, etc.   Yet somehow you can only have so many photo frames around a home, and albums are just cheap and tacky, until now.  

With Indiary's Genuine Buffalo Leather Photo Album you can give that man in your life a rustic book to see all his wonderful moments in.  Having a sturdy leather covering he will be proud to display on his desk or coffee table for all to see.  He will be impressed with the handcrafted black paper that will give a great background to all his favorite pictures.  

This great album features flower petals pressed into the paper for an accent to the handmade look, 
yet there isn't so many that it will remove the masculinity from the book.  The album is connected by twine matching the color of the leather.   I like the rustic class of this album and can see it upon my dads desk at his house, Fathers Day is coming upon us.   There is glassite papers separating each handmade page to help protect them.  The 72 pages are 10x7 making a great size for the best pictures. 

This handmade album is a unique item that you cannot get anywhere else, making it the best gift for any man or rustic leather lover. 

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Poker Party Bites! Silicone Chocolate Molds / Ice Cube Trays

I don't do a lot of gambling, but once a year my extended family and I get together for New Years and play poker.  Sad to say my nephew usually breaks us all.  But, it is all done in fun and we have a fun time playing different poker rounds from Blackjack to Baseball.  Great way to pass a long night! 

I had the chance to review this silicone poker party bites mold and thought instantly of family and poker nights.  This will add to those night with poker candies or ice cubes.  The designs aren't really big as you can see by the quarter, but they are perfect for chocolate or other candy bites and ice cubes. 

The silicone is sturdy and the candy and ice cubes release easy from them.  Great thing about silicone is you can do so many things with it.  You can make yogurt bites, chocolate covered berries, chocolate mints, mint ice cubes,  berry ice, lemonade ice, etc.  In mine I did punch ice, it is a brand that has no color but tastes like pineapple mango.   

I think this mold will be really fun to experiment with and I look forward to playing with other shapes.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Premium Sports Water Bottle By Cricent

One of the biggest health concerns in America today is hydration.   We are always so busy to remember how we need to drink or we turn to food instead of water and other hydrating methods. 

Water is so very vital in our lives, so many have been lost due to dehydration.  No matter how active we are we need to drink 8 cups or more a day, and even more than that for active people.  Yet, sometimes we are just not in the position to where we can drink, unless we take our beverage with us. 

With this Premium sports water bottle we can efficiently take our liquid hydration with us.  I have tried many water bottles and I have to say that this bottle and style is the tops.  The bottle holds a good 24 oz and has a tight spill proof lid.   Now others boast spill proof lids but the locking device on this bottle keeps the lid tight and totally spill proof over all others.   The Premium Sports Bottle has a a plastic straw attached to a rubber straw so it is easy to drink from no matter where you are.  Can't say that about all bottles.   It is easy to clean, preferably hand washed, and BPA free.  

This bottle can be used for water, sports drinks, protein shakes, and more.  It also has a handle for easier carrying and handling.   Never need to go without your beneficial hydration again.

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Heavy Duty Canvas Carrier by Zeemplify 

As a woman I am used to carrying a purse or tote, that is just how it is! Yet you look everywhere and totes are being used by all to carry so much.  Whether it be a picnic and having to carry the food and supplies, or the beach with your towels and sunscreen, the gym with fresh clothes and towels, and we can't leave out the infamous diaper bags.  Totes are even being used to organize all the necessities in cars now days.  Then, who can ignore the fact that totes are wonderful and come in handy at one point or another. 

I was looking for a good tote when I received the opportunity to review the Heavy Duty Canvas Carrier by Zeemplify.   Needless to say I was very impressed.  

This sturdy carrier is big and the canvas is strong and tight knit.  The straps are strong and add just the right touch of design to the bag.  The bag does not have a zipper at the top which allows for you to use it more efficiently and utilize the space completely.  This also allows for usage of big bulky items such as wood or sports equipment.  I find this very useful indeed, as any bag with a zipper can be a hassle and too much in the bag can put stress on the zipper to the point of breaking. The canvas bag is easy to wipe clean and reuse over and over again.

I am actually looking forward to using this in my trunk to organize emergency supplies.  What will you use your for? 

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Freshware KT-405 4-in-1 Chopper with Storage Lid Review

Spring is a miraculous time of year where the snow melts and the ground becomes unfrozen. We plant our gardens and the trees start to blossom.   As the months go by our gardens grow and the seasons become ripe with fruits and vegetables.  We eat as much fresh as we can in all the ways we can and then we preserve the rest in varying ways. 

As there are so many ways to eat and preserve our food there is also many ways to prepare our food such as cutting, chopping, dicing, and slicing.   The process can be tedious to some and especially for those with limited time.   So we are constantly looking for ways to prepare our food faster.  Processors are great but a hassle to  put together, take apart, and clean, not to mention the electricity needed.  

Freshware has come out with a way to help prepare our food faster and store it if needed.  With the KT-405 4-in-1 Chopper you can slice, dice and chop your food faster and easier than before.  The chopper has 3 blades that attaches to a lid placed on top of a container.  You can choose a smaller squared blade for dicing, a bigger squared blade for chopping, or a serrated rectangular blade for slicing.   These blades are interchangeable and allows for your food to go into a container that you can easily store your chopped food in.   The container has a plastic airtight lid that fits on top for storage.  This chopper is easy to use and clean as it come with a pronged comb to help clean the groove in the chopping lid.  The container holds up to 4 cups, making this easy to chop up certain recipes and store for later use, such as fresh Salsa Fresca (<-- click to see recipe)

This chopper will help you get all your food preparations done in less time, with less hassle, and leave you with more time to enjoy the wonderful recipes you dream up or try. 

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In life we often forget the important things in life, such as health and dehydration.  Society makes it really easy to not eat and drink right with all the prepared foods and the sodas, not to mention always being busy and running around and forgetting to drink.  Water is the best thing we can drink for our bodies, after all our bodies are about %60 percent water, and in life that water evaporates needing to be replenished.  

While we can reach for soda and other beverages it doesn't mean that we are getting the water we need, while we are actually putting a bunch of chemicals, preservatives, and sugar into our body. Water is great but in some areas it has different mineral contents making the flavor of the water vary from place to place.   Thank goodness for infusion as it allows us to actually flavor our water and add vitamins and minerals to it while masking the mineral taste, and not adding the artificial ingredients our bodies do no need.  

With Decodynes infusion pitcher you can stir up 3.25 quarts of delicious flavored water to your liking.   Infusion pitchers have a slotted tube attached to the lid that goes into the water or beverage in the pitcher.  In these infusion tubes you add various fruits, herbs, or vegetables and the longer this tube is in the water the flavor or the ingredients in the tube "infuse" and mix with the water giving your water added flavor and vitamins.  

The Pitcher had the tube attached to the lid and it is easy to remove and replace back on.  The pitcher has a very nice curvy shape with added red (available in other colors, too) to give it a touch of style and make it look nice wherever it is used.  The plastic of the pitcher is sturdy and will not break but does require hand washing for proper care and long time usage.  

I have really enjoyed this pitcher myself as the water in my town has a high mineral count and tastes much better with the different infusions.  

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Taylor'd Milestones Scotch/whiskey Glasses Review

There are times when we get home and need to relax, chill.  So many people turn to alcohol, they reach for a glass or cup out of the cupboard and with a few ice cubes they partake of a drink.  Scotch and whiskey make for a great relaxation technique, until our drink turns warm.  Then it is just tastes like alcohol flavored water.  With the right drinking glasses we can prevent this from happening. 

Taylor'd Milestones realized this and provided us with a solution.  Taylor'd Milestones Scotch/whiskey glasses are made to keep your drinks cold and preserve the flavor for the duration of the drink.  These glasses are thick and so they do not warm up too fast in your hands, helping the ice last longer.  They have a nice thick bottom which helps keep you glass stable on tables and cupboards.  This also helps in making your ice in your cup last longer. 

They even added a special touch, a diamond etched in the bottom of the glass.   This beautiful touch makes you feel like you have the glasses of royalty.   (please see video review below on important information regarding etching.)

With these sturdy glasses you will be drinking in style, and we all deserve to chill with class. 

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bento Box Lunch Boxes by Effiliv

One of the most frustrating things about having to take lunch to school or work is the containers you take them in.   They food spills over to the other side, or you have to take more than one container and try to fit them into your lunch box or brown bag.   Why go through all this fuss when there is a simple solution.  Bento lunch box.  

I originally thought that Bento was part of the brand name until my son saw the box and explained to me that Bento was a word from Japan.   From Wikipedia "Bento (弁当 bentō?)[1] is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container."

This efficient Bento box has three sections, not side by side but on top of each other to make a nice compact box shape.   This Bento box has a divided section on the top, a single section in the middle and another single section on the bottom. The lid clamps and fits tightly on both sides.  This makes for a nice sized meal or a meal and snacks.  When unpacking you will find a set of utensils in the middle section.   

This Bento box is a sturdy plastic and easy to wash.  It comes in four different colors.  Great for a no- spill lunch for the kids or hard workers in your family. 

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Effiliv Silicone Baking Cups - 24 Pack

Out of all the baking dishes I hate cleaning the most muffin tins are the worst, they even top the cookie sheets.  Trying to get those inside corners, especially if your muffins break and leave bits or a film behind.  They are no better, trying to fit them in a dishwasher.  

Yet another baking saver, Silicone Baking cups!  Great for all those muffins, cupcakes, and mini cheesecakes, etc.   These bright colored beautiful silicone baking cups come in six vivid color and can withstand heat up to 450 degrees F and are 100% FDA Grade and BPA free.    They are easy to wash and your baked goods come out in one piece.   Plus you no longer need to use muffin pans.  Where as these are a sturdy silicone you can use these as stand alone muffin cups.  They are also great for handing out treats, playing games, and imagination has no limits. 

  I enjoy mine and now you can enjoy them too!

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Effiliv Baking Mat Set of 2

I really slack on baking.  I mean, I really don't mind baking.  The recipes are easy enough for me, and the food is wonderful when done, and makes the house smell good.  BUT....I despise washing dishes!!  We all know how many dishes can get dirty, but the worse is the pans, I do not like cleaning pans, and cookie sheets, and...well you get the hint. 

The dread of dirty pans ended when I tried my first silicone baking mat!!  It is so nice to make cookies, put the pan away, and just rinse off the mats.  It was so awesome!  

The Effiliv Baking Mats takes away that dread of washing pans.  They come in sets, mine is a set of two.  You can also get 2 different sizes, highly recommended!  The silicone mats have a weave look and tapered corners.  They are extremely easy to wash and reuse. They will last a long time and are 100% FDA Grade and BPA free silicone can withstand heat up to 450°F.  No more burned cookies sticking to the pan, no more washing pans!   Now on a side note, I did try to use silicone baking mats with pork chops, just to see what would happen.  The mats were fine, but the chops burned.  So there are items you do need to be carefeul with using these with.   A matter of trial and error with greasy items such as red meats. 

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Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel

Summer is approaching, and even though we may have complained about the cold this winter, we are bound to get to a point where we complain about it being hot.  I, for one, seem to do this each year. Yet, it is a shame to stay indoors during spring/summer, there is so much to do!!  I like to work in the garden, there is camping, and bbqs, fishing, hiking, sports,  and the dreaded weeding and lawn mowing.  

Even though all the above is fun it can sometimes be treacherous in the heat.  Thank goodness for the Chill Pal Cooling Towel.  My question is "where was this when I needed it?"   

The chill towel makes me think of a thick chamois.  It is strong, thick and, yes, it is cool feeling.  It comes in a nice storage tube.  It was a little bit hard to get out of the tube the first time as it is wrapped in plastic, but it is very easy after that.  When you take the towel out of the plastic you will feel it cool and damp.  At this point, I knew it was a wise investment and worth it.  

To begin using it you simply get it wet, squeeze and use it.  This would be great for any sports, exercise,  construction workers,  yard work, etc.  Anytime you need to cool down.  Since this towel is for cooling purposes I would actually keep one of these in my emergency kits and cars.   Reason? Because kids, older people,  pets, and others can get overheated in vehicles.  Also, because it would help if you had a feverish child.  My perspective, anyway.  

This towel dries stiff, so store when damp.  The material is an innovative PVA material that stays soft to the touch, easy to wash and reuse, and stays cool for hours.  

Don't take the heat lightly this summer, get your own Chill Pad Towel.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Decodyne Shot Flask - 8oz Flask with a Built-in Collapsible Shot Glass

I had to laugh at Austin when I got this.  I don't drink, yet Austin being 18 and a big joker, though it was the coolest thing.  I knew he would!!   He is thinking of taking this shot flask to school on the last day, filled with water and drink it in front of the teachers!  Hmmmm, all I have to say is thank goodness they know him! 

Now even though I do not drink I can say this is a very nice flask, nice enough to where I could see someone using it for liquid medicine, not being alcohol, to take on the go, after all it seals tight, is less messy than the medicine bottles, and has the collapsible cup to go with it.  Then, of course, for the drinkers this is just the right touch of class! Not a cheap looking flask at all. 

This flask is covered with REAL leather which is the real touch of class to it.  ( I did mess up in my video and say it was faux leather. My apologies to the company. )   I think the collapsible shot glass that fits snuggly on the side is real slick too.  I did have a bit of a time getting the shot glass out, but this just reinforces the fact that you will never lose it.   The flask and glass is stainless steel so you do not need to worry about it rusting.  You will want to be careful in washing out your flask as you do not want to get the leather wet.  The shot glass is 2oz, a double shot. 

This is a real nice piece and will show your gentlemanly air wherever you go. 

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Chair Lumbar Support by VIVE

In my family we really don't have poor posture until we sit down.  Unfortunately we also have a genetic case of scoliosis in our family and many effected by it.  Meaning even while sitting we have to watch our posture.  My oldest son, being so tall, his scoliosis is so bad that his spine is not only curved it is actually rotating,  putting him in a lot of pain.  My second son, he is also tall and has scoliosis in the same part of his back as the oldest, but not yet as bad, even though we are watching for onset rotation.  My youngest is safe so far!   The two oldest had growth spurts that were so rapid that they have stretch marks on their back, which my oldest sons doctor has never seen before on anyone but my son.  Surprising what doctors do not know.  The thing we have noticed is that boys seem to get scoliosis in their upper back by their shoulders and girls seem to get it in their lower back, as my niece has scoliosis there.   

While exercise and learning posture techniques help in the mild cases it isn't going to do a lot for the more severe cases.  The problem is doctors will not do anything until they see the cases get severe enough, and they obviously do not see all that is happening with the spine unless they x-ray, yet insurance companies are picky about that.   So how what does this all have to do with lumbar support, well what do kids do all day?  They sit in school in improper chairs for back support, they slouch, and some sit around at home,  If they have back pain, some will ignore it until it will get extreme because they go off into their wonderland of music, video games, and tv.  Then as they get older, like us, they sit at desks for jobs.

What we can do as parents.  One: teach them proper posture and exercise from the beginning, and even now, it is not too late.  Two: Make sure they have proper back support in all their sitting domains. 
Lumbar supports help the lower back get the proper support so that you sit properly and give your back the correct alignment. When we received this chair lumbar support I figured I would be using it for my back, but then the boys had to try it.  Austin, my youngest, likes to sit on the floor and watch his computer or tv.  He sat against the couch and put this behind his back.  He said it made a full improvement on what his back felt like and was very comfortable.  So we let Adam, my middle son with scoliosis, try it.  

Adam works as a cart pusher at Walmart and then he comes home and records on YouTube.  He wants to be a gamer on YouTube, so sitting will be a biggie for him in life.  We let him try the lumbar support and he loved it!  He constantly uses it now, as it has really improved how his back feels.  He is now getting the proper alignment that his back needs.

This chair lumbar support by Vive is really made well and is lightweight so you can carry it to work, school, church, or wherever you may need it.  Taking care of our backs is important no matter what the circumstances, and Vive understands this.  Many people have bad posture and do not sit properly for their health and with this lumbar support you can help train yourself to sit properly.  Proper back alignment will help the rest of your body systems improve also.  Take care of your back now!

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Squirrel Tea Infuser by Decodyne

Tea is such a staple for my family.  We drink it especially when we get sick, but I like to drink it for energy without caffeine and sometimes just for the taste of it.  Tea and the herbs that make it up helps with so many things and is healthier than regular medicine.  When we get the onset of a cold we start drinking Echinacea tea and it cuts down the time of the cold or prevents us from even getting it.  For upset stomach we drink peppermint, sore and scratchy throats calls for licorice root teas (throat soother teas).  Teas are also great for detoxing. 

Lately we have explored into the loose leaf tea area, and I must say I am very pleased.  The loose leaf teas give you more body and flavor to you teas.  There are so many more blends available and flavors.  Along with expanding into this area I have had the fun of trying and collecting different infusers, one such being this cute and adorable squirrel. 

This cute plastic squirrel sits there on the rim of your glass while eating his nut and infusing your tea.  His tail rotates so when you are not using him his tail is pointed upward while he whimsically sits where you want him to.  When he is in use his tail is pointing down in the water infusing wonderful flavors in  your cup.   

The bottom of the tail has holes and is removable to place your loose tea into.  He has a groove on the bottom of his body so he sits nice and sturdy on the rim of your cup.   Easy to let steep, and when you are done, remove the bottom of the tail, empty his tail and hand wash with mild soap. 

I really enjoy using my little squirrel, he does a good job, is safe plastic, and cute enough to adorn my cupboards. 

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Konjac Sponge by Lykke by Julie

Cleaning our face is essential to daily hygiene, but are skin gets enough chemicals from the air and pollution that we sometimes really hate adding more chemicals to our skin through soaps and cleansers.   There are products out there stated that they are beneficial, but when all else fails there is one solution to helping clean and detoxify our facial skin. 

Konjac sponges are from large Konjac plants located in the Asian regions.  The plants have been widely used as food , such as Yam Cakes and Shirataki noodles.   The plant has a spongy region the has been used to make small half circle sponges.  These sponges are dried when you receive them, but soaked in water they become a soft fibrous mound.   When using the Konjac sponge you do not need to use soap, all you need is the sponge and water.  The sponge will help clean, detoxify, and hydrate your skin all at one while rubbing this on your face.  

No chemicals, lotions, potions, or soap, this sponge does it all.  It is great for all skin types, especially sensitive as it really is that gentle.  

I really do like the feel of the sponge on my face that I have taken to using it often.   They are easy and gentle. 

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Pyora French Press Coffee and Tea Maker 34 Ounce

Coffee and tea has been a staple going way back in all countries.  It brings an essence of life alive by greeting us in the morning, after dinner, in desserts drinks, keeps us healthy, and yes, awake.  In England they have their teatime,  where they break at a specific time and drink their tea, keeping them going for the rest of the day.  In America and other regions Starbucks is just a way of life.  

When it comes to fine coffee and teas it is hard to get the perfect cup with just a regular coffee machine.  The French press brewing device was patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929. With the french press you use a courser grind of coffee or loose leaf tea.  You place the coffee/tea in the bottom of the pitcher, add water and then place the lid on top, let steep and then press the plunger down slowly so all your coffee grinds or tea remains at the bottom while the brewed liquid remains on top.   You have more control over how strong your drink is, or how long it is brewed than you would with a coffee maker. 

The Pyora French Press offers the fine look of the french press, the fine filter and easy plunger to give you the best cup of coffee/tea.  I felt the company stated their qualities best on their amazon site:

"✓ #1 RATED FRENCH PRESS - High Quality Stainless Steel Coffee Maker made with the BEST Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass avialable. Why do we use Borosilicate glass in our Glass French Press? Borosilicate glass is resistant to temperature change; it does not expand like ordinary glass. It has a smoother transition between temperatures, and can even withstand different temperatures at the same time making it perfect for brewing iced coffee in your French press.
✓ SUPERIOR FILTER SYSTEM - Compared to other French Presses on the market. Our DOUBLE thick plunger filter is the quality of having two plunger filters with no need to purchase replacement filters (BIG COST SAVINGS!). The Stainless Steel Plunger has NO LOOSE PARTS, making it easy to clean and safe around children. We GUARANTEE that you will not have any coffee grounds in your coffee.
✓ MANY BENEFITS AND USES - Not only can you use your Stainless Steel Coffee Press as a Tea Infuser and Coffee Press. Your Press Pot can be used to Froth Milk, Rinse Quinoa, Infuse essential oils, Strain Foods and make Iced Tea Beverages. The French Press is also known as a Press Pot, Cafetiere, Tea Press, and Espresso Machine" as stated on Amazon as of date this post was written. 

I truly feel that Pyora came out with the best French Press Coffee Maker.  I have enjoyed it and even my son knows how to use it properly.   Until I received this French Press I did not know all the many things you could do with is, even brewing tea wasn't an idea I would have thought of with this.   Knowing the many uses has just upped the value of this French Press for me ( now I know what to do with my other french press while using this one for my brews!!)  

Pyora French Press is sturdy and built so well that they offer a 90 day %100 money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  You can't go wrong!

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