Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Premium Edge & Corner Guard From Bow-Tiger™

I seem to talk a lot about my son Austin, he was my trial and tribulation child I think! I gave him the middle name Chase, jinxing myself apparently. I have been 'chasing' him ever since! He is 18 now, thank goodness, but when he was younger he was so accident prone. We had him in the hospital getting stitches almost every two weeks. The one memorable time was when he was about four and he was chasing his brother. He was wearing onesies, running fast, and tried to take a corner on the berber rug, just to slide into the entertainment center head first. Yep, nice set of staples in his head that night. My granddaughter is much the same way. At four she is full of energy and has had her share of bumps and bruises.

I really needed this Edge and Corner Guard to protect my kids, the other stuff was just cheap and still didn't do the job. Now I have it for my grandkids which will be a blessing in my tiny house.

This edge and corner guard is so thick!! We are talking 1/4" thick sturdy NON TOXIC ECO foam that you place on the edges in your home to cushion your loved ones falls.  Use it on your entertainment center, hearth,  shelving, etc.

This kit contains:
15' edge cushions
8 corner cushions
45' of double sided tape to adhere your foam cushions with
32 tape pieces for the corners.

This kit can cover up to 56" diameter, or up to 44" square, or up to 36" x 60" rectangle.

Easy to apply and comes in four different colors: cream, coffee, wooden, black.
The foam will tear on the corners, not easily, but I was testing it. I was also thinking that I will decorate mine up with some washi tape for an accent. This is really good quality foam and I am glad that it is as thick as it is, I can be assured that it will protect my grandkids from falls.

I also recommend this for those who have elderly that are prone to falls, we do have to protect our loved ones.

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