Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pink Glass Teapot Butterfly by Tea Beyond

I am a real tea lover, but I am used to brewing tea bags.  Since I have started reviewing I have been learning a lot of ways to brew loose tea.  There are so many cute infusers and then you have the french press, which was a new one to me.   Teapots have been around usually for heating water, as far as I knew.  Then one day I had the opportunity to review a Teapot from Tea Beyond, and wow what an addition to my tea items.  

Tea Beyond prides itself in well made tea pots and accessories.  They are not only well made, they are glass and beautiful!!  Even if not for tea they are such a neat addition to your kitchen decorations.  They offer flowering tea, glass teapots, and some teapots with burners.  

I was able to review the pink butterfly teapot.  It is a beautiful clear 24 oz teapot with pretty waves of dots along the side representing liquid tea drops.  A gorgeous pink glass butterfly as the handle on the lid, it symbolizes changes to a better life, much like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon.  The glass handle is also decorative, with bumps for a anti-slip touch,  adding to the beauty of the pot.  There is a glass infuser that sits perfectly in the pot , holds a good amount of loose tea.  The slots are thin but they work just right.  

The pot is made of heat resistant glass and is dishwasher safe on top rack.  I tried Dragon Well Green Tea in mine.  It brewed really well and just the right strength. It also kept warm long enough for me to enjoy more than one cup.  I really love mine and it does add some whimsy to my kitchen.  I look forward to adding more to my kitchen, how about you??

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