Sunday, November 30, 2014

Low Back Pain Program (eBook)

In my family Scoliosis seems to be quite prevalent so back health is a mandatory thing.  My two sons and niece suffer from mild scoliosis, and I have many other family members who suffer to the point of not being able to carry more then ten pounds.  My oldest son is only 26 and he deals with the pain every day in life and his job.  He loves being active, enjoys his job and has two little girls that love to wrestle and climb all over him.  He won't complain because all of these play a major part in his enjoyment of life.  

 Back pain seems to be a common problem in millions of people around the globe.  If your back is not properly taken care of and strengthened it can lead to crushed discs and more severe pain,not to mention internal problems.  

This e-book 'Low Back Pain Program' teaches us how to strengthen out lower back and prevent many back problems.  It also will help in relieving lower back pain that someone may have at this time. The exercises have been tried, tested and proven that with consistent use they will strengthen and relief your back pain over time.  

'Lower Back Pain Program"  leads you step by step through the program.  It starts you out with the knowledge you need to know and why.  It then takes you through a description of the exercise levels and what they accomplish in your healing process.  The book then proceeds to take you into your program with detailed instructions and pictures on each exercise in the levels.  

With levels starting at limited mobility and progressing up to challenging, the Low Back Pain Program includes charts for each level to help you keep track of your progress.   The do not stop there, they instruct you on which exercises to continue doing and why in their maintenance and supportive sections to keep your back in shape without losing the progress you have made.  
These exercises will not only benefit your back, but will also benefit your abs, legs and core. 

 In my opinion, whether you have back pain at this time or not, this book would benefit all of us.  It will help some and work as a preventative course for others.  Our backs effects our life so much that we need to take care of it.   I can't imagine going through life not being able to hold a baby,  carry your groceries, or even picking something that has dropped.   I know many go through this, so I hope this book comes in handy to everyone. 

Order your copy HERE

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

1st Makeover > Organic Seaweed Power Organic Seaweed Powder by Azara

As I continued my makeover, and after cleansing my face, I wanted to do a mask.  It has been years since I have actually tried a mask.  The masks that I was used to were the type that you put on and let dry before washing or peeling off.  Masks have certainly changed.  I have never tried a seaweed mask, so I was in for a treat!

A little background on seaweed masks: Seaweed powder has been used for centuries in Northern Europe and Asia.   Seaweed works to give you soft and supple skin, reduce inflammation, and detoxify the body.  Great thing is, I have also learned that it can be used in a body wrap to fight against cellulite.

Azara prides itself on provided the best and safest seaweed, so safe that you can ingest it.  They are also willing to share test results on their products.  A very impressive company.

When using they recommend mixing it one teaspoon powder to two teaspoons water.   I indulged and mixed twice as much.   I slathered this on my face and enjoyed the fresh cool scents with the smooth mixture.  I let it sit on my face for the recommended time frame and then rinsed it off.  It rinsed off so nicely, compared to those masks that harden on your face.   I was so excited as my face was refreshed, smooth and wonderful!

I am sold on seaweed masks.  I look forward to taking the time to do a body wrap and seeing the results.

Order yours HERE

(Yep I dared post it!) 

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1st Makeover > Ashieda Konjac Sponge

Ashieda© Konjac Sponge

I had a moment where I looked in the mirror and cringed.   I am getting old I think, and I have not retained my age well.  I decided it was time to try the products I have been receiving for review.
I decided that a full makeover was required.  I did start with the hair color and progressed from there.

All good makeovers include a great facial and all good facials include a good clean face.    As a major part of cleaning your face you need a good exfoliator.  Asheida Konjac Sponge is just the thing to softly exfoliate your skin while cleansing.

Asheida Konjac Sponge comes out of the package as a hard, half circle sponge.   As per instructions, you run it under warm water for a little while and as it absorbs it becomes a soft sponge.  Reminds me of a loofah, but is much softer.  It is a vegetable fiber with collagen and a very fine texture, perfect for every face. It was pretty cool researching this product as I am new to Konjac, but it is actually an above ground plant.  Apparently they also make food out of this plant.

Asheida Konjac Sponge is so great for your face that you can actually ditch the cleansers, all you need to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize, protect and nourish your skin is all in this one little sponge. It is also the perfect size to fit in your hand just right.

Konjac is biodegradable, naturally sustainable,  and economically safe.  Great for face and environment,  can't go wrong.

I softened my sponge under the water and was shocked at how soft it did become.  Then I rubbed it on my face, ahhhhh!  It was soft, gentle and felt very nice.  I enjoyed this for a few minutes and it made my face feel soft and naturally clean.   I will definitely be using a konjac sponge over a loofah for now on!

Order Yours Here

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Giveaway Winner Announced!!

Congratulations to Erin Clem the winner of our Old Factory Candle Gift Set Giveaway!!
She has won a candle gift set of her choice! 
(winner was chosen by

Thank you to all that entered, you made my first giveaway a success. 
Keep watch, we will have plenty more giveaways to come!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Clean Food Diet by Jonathan Vine

Once again Jonathan Vine teaches us the value of eating clean. I was happy to be able to review another Jonathan vine book, his writing style is straight to the point.  He leads us through the purpose of eating clean, improving our immune system and health.  In this book he gives us 50 delicious 'clean' recipes. From appetizers to desserts, he makes eating 'clean' simple, delicious, and doable.

In the Clean Food Diet Jonathan vine explains why processed foods aren't good for us and what we can use in place of the regular processed grains. What to look for while shopping to buy 'clean' and how to cook 'clean'.  He explains things easy and simple,  so your not buying a book with a bunch of scientific talk that takes up chapters.  He is right to the point.  which is great because then we can get to the food!!

Can you tell I like food, don't we all?  the recipes Jonathan includes in Clean Food Diet is not only simple to make, but sounds delicious.  He give a short description of why the recipe is good for us and includes nutritional value per serving for those watching their waist.  Yet with these recipes there is no need to watch calories as they are healthy, nutritional and good!! 

I recommend Jonathan Vine's books so that you can get on the right track of eating.  I just wish there were more pictures, even though I can't make the food look that pretty! 

You can get your copy HERE

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Medium Packing Cube by Dot&Dot

I have had the privilege to try Dot&Dot's small packing cubes and even more honored that I was able to try and review the Medium Packing Cubes. All the products I post I really enjoy, but these rock. I actually store my other products in these.

These medium packaging cubes are 13.5" x 9.75" 3" . They are the perfect size for separating each days outfit in your suitcase, or for storing summer suits, taking your swim towels back and forth, letting kids carry their toys, storing tank tops or shorts for the winter, and so many more uses. The cubes are made of a sturdy nylon material and has a mesh to let the items stored receive air so they will not smell stale.

The packing cubes are sold in a set of four or a single and are available in many different colors.  A color for everyone!  They come in a plastic storage bag, which is a great plus, and take almost no room if stored empty. The medium packing cubes are easy to clean, just wipe out with damp cloth. They also have a handle so you can carry them easily, even as a carry-on when flying.

The packing cubes original purpose was to help sort your space in luggage, but these have become so much more. I highly recommend Dot&Dot Packing cubes, another great product from a great company!! 

Order yours HERE

Enter coupon code 5DOTSOFF and receive $5 off your order. 

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Dear Readers,

As my blog grows you will notice that I do a lot of reviews on some of the same type of products.  I do try to mix it up, yet it doesn't always happen.   This is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you can have the same type of product and yet receive a totally different type of quality or ingredients.

For example: There are a lot of facial serums out there that say they can make your face look younger.  Yet this can take 3-6 months.  So what I , as a blogger, will do is try many of them and look for qualities such as smell, thickness, ingredients, allergic affects, and any other differences between products.  Some are made with flower components, some are fruit components, etc.  There is also the fact that each product will affect each person differently.  I like the smell of some and not others, some are thicker and others aren't.  I notice the difference when I use the product in one to two days, but they are subtle and probably only noticed by myself.  Wrinkles will take a while to get rid of on anyone, but sooner on some than others.

As a blogger I will fill you in on all I can, and if you see information you like then try it and fill me in on your experience.  Every one is different.

I also at times will test many products at once.  The other day I was trying 5 products at once.  Crazy I know.  I separated my body in quadrants and applied a different product to each one.  The benefit of this is it lets me test products side by side.  Allows me to see if one cellulite cream makes a difference more than another, and more.  Drawback of doing it this way, I probably smelled like a perfume shop.  I had so many smells going on that it made me a little whoosy!  Between eucalyptus mixed with fruity smells I smelled like those minty/fruit gums.

We also review our interactions with the sellers, how well their communication was, how fast the product was shipped, how it was packaged, and more.  This help us blog only the best companies for our readers.  I will not publish any product that I can't seriously recommend.

Now that you know what some of us bloggers look for as we do these reviews, it will hopefully keep you from feeling skeptical on how many of the same types of products you may see us blog about.



One word that a lot of us shirk from is Fitness, or exercise as we call it.   Sad to say many Americans, such as myself, are overweight.  Yet we sit there and envy those who look good and work hard for it.  I am such person.  I am at my highest weight and have learned that if I do not move I get stiff and sore.  

So, in the process of product reviewing I have started reviewing fitness items to help myself get encouraged to get up and move.  I can no longer use the " I want to do that but do not have the money to buy the equipment"  excuse.  

In this section you will find anything to do with fitness.  From supplements that help build or repair your muscles to equipment, and more.  

Share your fitness experiences with us.  Let us know what works for you and what didn't.

No.1 Rated Hot Yoga Towel from Shandali

I have had the pleasure to review a Shandali product before, the Ultrasport Travel and Sports Towel From Shandali, and I was truly amazed at how wonderful their product was.  I was more than happy to try their Yoga Towel.   

I have said before, I love the feel of microfiber, and this Yoga towel's microfiber on my feet was a real treat.  As I tried this towel I was slightly surprised at how well of a yoga mat it was.  There wasn't any of the sliding, and as your feet sweat , the towel absorbed it really nice.  My feet did not slide from the sweat, that was so nice. 

The quality is excellent!  The towel is thick and very well made.  The color doesn't bleed, which is great.  My son has been doing the laundry since I had knee surgery a couple years ago, and I forget to tell him not to put new levi's in with other colors.  My bad! My pink sweater shirt is now a combo of colors!  So anything that doesn't bleed color is great.   

If you do yoga or any other exercises where you use a mat, then I recommend giving you feet a soft and stable treat by trying the Shandali's Hot Yoga Towel. 

Get yours HERE

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Pure Yacon Syrup Sugar by Healthnex Supplements

Yacon Syrup the new sugar replacement, and it is good!  The first time I heard about Yacon syrup was in a Woman's World magazine article about Dr. Oz and his belief that the Yacon syrup is a great sugar substitute and appetite suppressant.  I am not slandering his name like some do, this was a true article on the benefits of Yacon.  

Yacon is found mostly in the Andes Mountains. It has been used for years in Peru, Incas, Bolivia, etc. Yacon is great for diabetics and as a low calorie sugar substitute.  It also reduces your appetite and helps your metabolism speed up.  

So, as I am one who is trying to find that perfect weight loss solution.  As I have Fibro it makes it hard to find something that really works to give me energy and helps my appetite.  Well,  I tired Yacon syrup.  I expected a thick syrup, I got it, but the deep woodsy sweet taste, I savored!  I am not one to eat molasses straight, but the Yacon carries the same deep dark flavor.  I really did love it. 

I made the Yacon part of my day.  If I have a sweet tooth I take a teaspoon of Yacon.  I also take a teaspoon of Yacon about 30 minuted before meals to rev up my metabolism and control my appetite. 

Great thing is, this has helped. 

I haven't lost weight yet, but that is through no fault of the Yacon, I am not active yet and we all need to be active in some form to get our bodies to work for us. 

Substitute sugar for Yacon in your baking, drinks, teas, salad dressings, etc.  The great thing about Yacon is there are so many ways you can use it that there isn't any excuse not to, unlike the weight loss supplements in the capsule form.  I even mixed it with lemon and water for a light version of what I now call my 'Dark Lemonade'.  I make my lemonade by taste which is the other great thing about Yacon, you control how much you use. 

I have tried different Yacon syrups and I have found Healthnex's to be a really good product. Some of the inferior brands I have tried have crystalized and turned sugary, Healthnex's has stayed a good quality syrup and in syrup form, as it should.   

If you are looking for a great way to reduce calories, rev up your metabolism, and control your appetite, I recommend you try Yacon.  Experiment with ways to implement it into your diet and eat well. 


                                                                 Get yours HERE

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Friday, November 7, 2014

I love the scents of the holiday seasons. From the fall harvests, pumpkins, fall leaves, spices, and good food. Then you roll into pine scents and falling snow, more spices, apple cider, blazing fireplace, and so much more. An oratory pleasure. Candles or scented waxes are perfect for these moments.

Recently I had the pleasure of trying Old Factory Candles, and even though they have many scents to choose from I chose the Fall Harvest scents. This set contained 3 different 2 ounce candles; Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, and Autumn Leaves. They are natural soy and burn for hours.

When I took these out of the box the scents drifted up and I was in fall heaven. I wasn't sure if I would like fall leaves or cranberry, as I usually stay with spiced scents, but one sniff told me I would love them!! I do! They are true to word and burn scented for hours. I am picky about my candles since I have teen boys, and when they are home you just need those candles to rescue your nose!

The great thing about Old Factory Candles is that they offer so many scents that I have never heard of or thought of. For instance; Leather, Cannabis, Straight Razor, Mahogany, and Baby Powder just to name a few. Plus they add a %100 guarantee. I have never heard of a guarantee for candles, but since you are not able to sniff them before buying, this puts the company on top!

You can order your sets HERE.

Since it is a great season for candles, we are going to have a giveaway.   Old Factory Candles has graciously offered the winner their choice of a candle gift set.  You can go check out the different sets HERE and then come back and enter down below.   You must be in the USA and have an Amazon account (free Amazon accounts are okay).  The Giveaway will start 11/10/2014  12 am EST  and end 11/15/2014 12 am EST.  Only one Winner.  
 If you are outside of the USA do not be discouraged, follow A Grandma's Ramblings Product Review as we have more giveaways coming up. 

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Ultrasport Travel and Sports Towel From Shandali

I have loved doing product reviews, it is fun and rewarding.  the best thing is when you find something that you really love!  Something new and unique to you, something that just makes your day!  

I recently had the chance to try the Ultrasport Travel and Sports Towel from Shandali, which is one of the items that just made my day!  I took a day to give myself a facial, which I could try many products to be reviewed at once (plus something I really needed.)  In which I used my Shandali Travel towel.   Let me tell you, I almost sat there and let my face stay in the towel, it was so soft and thick!!  

Now I have a thing for microfiber, I am not sure if it is my Aspergers' syndrome shining through, but I have a weakness for it.  These towels are made of a thick microfiber fabric, and the quality is outstanding.  

Some of the qualities you will find in this towel are:  

Lightweight and compact, even though it feels thick it isn't heavy like some towels.
Bleed Free, they will retain their color and not share it with the other clothes. 
Easy to clean, throw it in the wash and hang dry, it will retain it's quality.
Absorbs moisture, yet it doesn't feel soaked like other towels would after usage. 
No shedding, not more fabric pills on your clothes from the terry cloth towels. 
Deep cleans, it is strong and will hold up to heavy cleaning. 

If you want an amazing towel, for sports such as Zumba, Yoga, or Running, Travel or personal use this is the towel for you,

You can order yours HERE.

Now, I am not pretty, especially when doing a makeover, but I wanted you to see the towels in use.
Want to see how my full makeover went you can follow me on Instagram

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Small Packing Organizer by Dot&Dot

I love trying new things, even better when they are useful. During the short time that I have been reviewing products I have come across things I have wanted to try and things that I have tried and loved. I was so excited when I was accepted to try Dot&Dot’s Small Packing Organizers, and even more excited when I received them in the mail. These are so cute and functional!!!

They are made with a light yet sturdy material, with a mesh top so you can see what is inside. The colors they come in are a really nice of assortment of colors, and they can come in a pack of four or just one. They also come in different sizes to fit your different needs. They have a handle for easy carrying and come in a plastic case that makes storing your unused cubes easy. I feel the price is very reasonable cost.

Dot&Dot originally made these to help organize your suitcases when travelling. You could use a cube per person or separate your items out for easier access. I don’t do much travelling, at this time, but I do remember a trip to Chicago. I had my suitcase organized with my prescription pills organized by the dosage and day in a pill organizer. I didn’t want to take a bunch of prescription bottles for just a few days. After I picked up my luggage and got to the hotel, I opened up my suitcase to find my pills all over the inside. My pill container had been broken from the rough handling. I had to take everything out of my suitcase just to find most of my medication. Some just seemed to disappear.

I can see the need for the Small Packing Organizer cubes. With all the products I try and freebies I like to get I am going to use my cubes for organizing them. I can also see using these to store seasonal shoes in or gloves, scarves, swimsuits, swimming towels, makeup, and so much more!! With the handle they would be great for carrying your electronics or as an on board bag when flying.

With so many uses I will be looking forward to purchasing more!

Order yours today, just click HERE.

                                                        Dot&Dot Small Packing Organizer

5-hour ENERGY® shots supporting LBBC in Pink Lemonade flavor

I have had the chance recently to do a product review through Smiley 360. The product was 5-hour ENERGY® shots supporting LBBC in Pink Lemonade flavor in the white bottle with a pink ribbon. I received 2 shots in return for my honest review. 

As most are aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I have to give kudos for 5-hour energy in supporting this cause. They went all out with the pink ribbon and using pink lemonade as the flavor. 

“Now through December 31, 2014, Living Essentials will donate .05 from the sale of every specially marked bottle of pink lemonade flavor 5-hour Energy® to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. LBBC is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. The minimum guarantee donation is $200,000.” As quoted on the 5-Hour energy site. 

I didn’t quite get the chance to try this product out as my 17-yr old decided to put them to work in his body for school. Apparently they worked! Now, 5-hour energy is not for kids, but he is 2 months away from being 18 (where did the time go??) so I really didn’t have a problem with this. Since I needed a review I questioned him about the product and took notice on how it effected him, as well. 

To start with, I informed him that as it is only a 5 hour remedy, needed to take it after his first period in school. So he did. He was still hyper when he came home, but it kept him awake for the school duration. So then we talked about the taste. Being pink lemonade you do expect a tart flavor. Funny thing is teenage boys do not take this into consideration. He said it was really tart but tasted like pink lemonade! Not the sweet he apparently expected. That is okay, I get a kick when he thinks he has to have something and it turns out different than what he expected!! Not a cruel mom, just one who loves watching my kids, as grown as they are, learn life lessons. 

Energize yourself today and support a great cause with 5-Hour Energy.

Click HERE for more info on 5-Hour energy and the LLBC.
5-hour energy                                                                           5-Hour Energy Lemonade


You know there are those products that just don’t seem to fit

into a category properly.  I may find a place for them sooner

or later.

 Ideas??  Let me know!

So here,for now, you will find a variety of items that I have

received for review or to sample. Makeup Bag

If you are a woman like me and love to have many choices of make-up then you probably have them all strewn around inside a cabinet or thrown together in your makeup bag.  I have mine in a makeup bag and each time I want to use something I have to root around in my bag to find what I want and it is a mess.  I have seen nifty ways to store makeup, but as my bathroom is small in this 1930's home that I rent, well the other ideas aren't always feasible.   
Until now!  Display has come out with their Display-Sheet Makeup bag.  This very handy little bag has a display sheet that you pull out and when you dump your bag you do so on this sheet and you can see what you have.  When you are done just pick up the lining and let everything fall back into the bag.  

This bag is made of nylon and currently is in a navy blue with a drawstring.  Simple design and patent pending. It is approximately 4"x4"x5".

As the great company that they are, they are looking for what you as consumers would like to see in this bag.  What colors would you like to see it in?  What sizes you are looking for? Different fabric in mind?  Price?  What else can the bag be used for? Any other questions or idea to help them along would be great! Leave your comments and ideas below.  I know I personally would go for some girly colors and a bigger bag!  

You can order yours HERE.   

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg 
by Tali Carmi

I love kids books, love to read them and see the artistic illustrations.   It takes a wonderful imagination to be so creative, yes, I do admire this.  

Tali Carmi has come out with a wonderful series of books, for ages 2-6, about a little boy named Terry who loves to climb trees, and because of this, is nicknamed Terry Treetop. 

His story is told in rhyme and colorful illustrations.  Easy listening and reading. 

Terry loves nature and is a very caring boy, one day he finds a lonely egg and sets out on a search to find the mother of the egg.  As he searches he learns from the animals about where they lay their eggs and how they protect them.  This helps teach young children about the environment and different habitats of animals. As Terry learns so will your children.  

I found the rhyming verse very smooth and rythmatic. I think young children will respond with enthusiasm to this book and wish for it to be read over and over again. 

Click HERE to order.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

For Children

There are a lot of products out there that we wonder if they really are good for children or not.  I remember one Christmas I had bought my boys, who were about 8 and 6, this Science Lab Candy Maker set ( I see your head shaking wondering what the heck was I thinking).   I was hoping that it would be something that we could do together after I got off of work on day, and that it would be fun. Well, Adam, my 8yr old really didn't care.  Austin, my 6 yrs old loved the idea....but he has no patience! 

I came home one day and the floor in their room was multicolored, sticky sugar!!!  Needless to say, Austin had decided why use the lab to make candy when all he had to do was open the package and eat the ingredients. After that items with edible ingredients were not allowed!  

Another thing I have learned is that just because your child may be in the age category, does not mean he is in the proper mental category.  Example:  LEGO'S  Do we not all agree with this one! 

I really am not a bad parent, but I do not think that my boys ever built and actual design with the Lego's they were just there as a wicked torture device for Mom!  Makes a goo security device if you spread them all over the floor by your door, then adults can't enter.  Especially barefoot!

Our method to cleaning up Lego's:  A broom and a dustpan, otherwise I would die of old age before they would get cleaned up! 

That is my stand on children's items though, so I decided what better to have in a product review place than a children's section!  I hope you find what you need here, and please do not hesitate to ask questions.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Best Milk Frother by Fast Froth

The Best Milk Frother by Fast Froth was so much fun to get. The first thing we had to do was install the batteries. Yes, it does come with them as stated in their advertising. I appreciate battery operated items that are considerate enough to include them. I did have a hard time trying to figure out how to get the battery compartment open. FYI it is where the power button is, you slide it sideways, and the battery position is depicted on the side. 

So once I got past my duh moment we were ready to try this out. My son had to help me try this out so we pulled out the milk and heated it up. I made a mess as I don’t usually froth milk. Had too much in the cup! Wow, this product really works!! We had creamy, frothy milk in a couple of seconds. As I am not a coffee drinker we passed on making cappucino’s, *lightbulb*, hot chocolate season is coming up. We will be saving the calories and skipping the whipped cream, this made creamy hot chocolate milk taste frothy and light. 

This will be a wonderful staple to my kitchen as the boys often make powder drinks, I am quite sure we will find more uses too …. Scrambled eggs!! Now I am just hoping they come out with these in different colors. How fun!


Click HERE to order.

milk frother

Cupsss® Disposable Paper Cups

The day I received these, my 17 yr old son Austin, opened the box for me. He likes to do that, and was excited to see patriotic cups. So guess who tried them first? Him of course. Then, there is nothing wrong with a little patriotism each day.

I was very impressed by these. Paper cups are usually flimsy and get ruined fast, but these Cupsss were sturdy and I love the patriotic print. They are the perfect size to use at home and save from the washing of cups, for picnics, parties etc. The sturdiness can even withhold a little child’s grip. 

I decided to put it to a test. I attempted to smash the cup up and see how easy it was and how well the bottom seal would hold. Surprisingly, the cup was not easy to smash and even after I did my best on it I formed it back in shape and was still able to drink from it. The bottom seal did not break and no waxy residue. Highly recommended! Truly a wonderful paper cup!

Click HERE to order.
patriotic cups appr
                                                           Cupsss® Disposable Paper Cups

Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret by Jonathan Vine

Food!! One of my passions…well, eating food is anyway! I used to enjoy cooking, but with a picky teen to feed and limited time it does tend to get in the way of wanting to cook. I do have my excuses, like many of us seem to do. But even with my excuses I have found that my teens will drink up their fruits and veggies more than they would actually chew and eat them. I found this out the hard way, through many “fruitless” attempts at buying the actual fruits and veggies to have on hand for them to eat.

So we learned the blender method, fruits and veggies with a little coconut milk, agave nectar, and yogurt. It was a hit! Even when I decided to try kale, my boys would consume it in a smoothie. When I was offered the chance to review Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret I was excited. I soon learned that I knew very little about smoothies. I had the basic concept down, but Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret taught me that so much more could be done.

Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret starts out with general information about making smoothies. How smoothies are moredigestible, have more vitamins, and how mixing your fruits and veggies can give you complete nutrition. Jonathan Vine goes on to explain how the different liquids in your smoothie can benefit various diets, such as water vs milk for weight loss.
The chapters are simple and basic, but the recipes blew me away (in a good way). I mean whoever heard of watercress and chocolate together, or a dandelion celery smoothie. I would have never thought about those combinations. With over 50+ recipes Jonathan Vine has truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of smoothie goodness!

I encourage you to try these smoothie recipes, come back and post some pics and share your favorites! I will add pics with each one I try, also.


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                                                       The Weight Loss & Detox Secret

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