Friday, August 21, 2015

Simoshaw 12 pcs Purple + 12 pcs Blue 3D Butterfly Stickers 

Have you ever decorated your house and think you have it just right but there still seems to be something missing.   I have that all the time.  I am not one for a lot of gobby different decorations, and I much prefer having family pictures all over the place.   My biggest decorating challenge is that I rent my home and it has paneling everywhere, dark wood in the front room.  I paint my frames bright colors, experimenting the see what brightens up the walls, and I try to keep my pictures light colored and bright.  Still there seemed to be something missing.  

I received the chance to review these butterflies and loved the picture of them hanging, thinking "hmmmm, maybe they will brighten up the walls a bit."   So, without getting gaudy, I tried them out.  I was very surprised what they did for my wall!!  (see picture below)

I have a wall with pictures of my granddaughters on them and decided since they are girls and girls love butterflies I would start there.  I started with one and got the wild idea to add it to a picture frame instead of directly on the wall, LOVED it!!  I then added more around the wall sporadically.  It was amazing what they did for the wall. 

These butterflies come in two different colors to a set so you can mix and match.  They have hard plastic bodies that have circle on the bottom for placement of the sticky dots that are included.  The wings are a flexible and colorful plastic, allowing you to be able to keep them flat (how they come packaged) or bend the wings up to give them dimension.  The butterflies vary in size and type, giving you a wonderful variety. 

You will be able to use these for wall decorating, scrap booking, cake decorations, party favors. card making, on flowers in a vase, and so much more. They are fun, bright, and not only will young girls love them so will you! 

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