Friday, May 1, 2015

Stumptown Houseblend - Direct Trade and Stumptown Holler Mountain - Direct Trade Organic

Coffee is such an essential to many peoples life's.  It sustains us and give us that giddy up and go that we need each day.  Plus the fact that it is such a versatile drink that comes in many shapes and forms.   There really isn't much you can't do with coffee.  

I love coffee, it is something that I can do without but I do love a good hot cup of joe, a sweet creamy cappuccino, and a wonderfully cold frappuccino!      Coffee is a great way to start the day or cleanse the palate.  I love trying different kinds of coffee and seeing what the differences are.  I recently had to chance to try some coffee from, an online seller for Artisan Roasters. They offer the best roaster of North America.  You can buy as you go ans try different roasters and send your taste buds on a delicious journey, or do a monthly subscription if you have a favorite. The website is easy to navigate and they are very helpful and easy to work with .

I chose to try Stumptown Roasters first.  I was impressed with the packaging and description cards on the side of the packaging, this was a great first impression.  Before opening the package I was sold on the smell.  That wonderful aroma of the perfect blend of coffee, not acrid, but perfectly roasted coffee.  I was sold on Stumptown with my first cup,  it was a really nice taste exploration. 

The first blend I tried was the Stumptown Houseblend.  The Houseblend boasts of milk chocolate and fruity notes and a medium roast.  Now not being a coffee connoisseur I really couldn't pick up any strong notes, but this coffee  definitely has a smooth and subtle blend.   I use a french press and have found that I need to use more coffee for the brew to get the strength I like.  Using this in the french press it was quite a light flavor with normal 8 tsp ground.  Definitely one that I would make stronger.  Taking that in consideration the coffee did have great body and one that I would drink throughout the day.  This would be a great coffee to blend with a frappuccino or other dessert coffees, especially with the chocolate notes.  

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(please read on after pics)

The next coffee I was able to try was Stumptown Holler Mountain, bragging notes of Chocolate, Hazelnut, Blackberry, Toffee.  This dark coffee has great body and taste.  It is another smooth coffee yet being a dark roast it is stronger, but great thing is the fact that it is not too strong.  I really enjoyed this coffee, again I am not great on notes but it is distinctly different than the rest.  This coffee will be great in all dessert coffees and as an espresso.   

So for a taste bud journey of your own check out

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