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Pet Products

Pet Products

I have always loved pets no matter what they are.  I have had turtles, birds, lizards of all types, snakes, rats, mice, rabbits, cats, horses, and dogs, more than I can count of each!!   

The thing about pets is they each require their own type of special care, and yet in some way they give us solace and happiness in return with their friendship and trust.   I have loved my animals and have cried over many losses.  The one thing I have learned over the years is that pets, each type, all have their own personalities.  Cats are the one constant that has been in my life.  I have three cats at this time.  

Thumper is our oldest, 4 years, and he is also our most submissive cat.   He was an interesting find for sure.  My sister had outdoor cats to keep their yard and field clear of mice.  They had one female that had disappeared and then a year later shows up pregnant.  The kittens were born and remained fairly wild, as they were way back in a wood pile.  After about six weeks the mother decided they were old enough for her to leave and all the kittens, but one, followed her away.  Thumper was that one. He was the runt, a small fluffy ball.  Why he did not follow we do not know, after two days of him crying because he was hungry and scared, my sister called to come and help catch him.  Funny thing is that day I was snacking on jerky and it made the perfect way to catch this little ball of fluff.   Scared as he was, his hunger was stronger and the jerky smelled good.  We caught him and took him him to give him food and water.  After a couple days of weaning him onto dry food he was placed outside.  

My sister had a couple other adult cats outside and she thought they would take him in.  Apparently it wasn't Thumpers idea.  He decided he had to defend himself and so when feeding time came along he would stand in the middle of the dish and walk around in circles while he ate so the others could not get to the food.  A gray ball of fluff in the middle of the dish was the cutest thing.  He didn't grow very fast and so after a while I took him in.  

I am different from my family, as I have seen too many animals die, that my cats are indoors only cats ( I do let them out a few minutes each day on the good days).  So when we took Thumper in, he thought he was king!!  He was a shoulder cat at first and then became Mr. Independent.   He has taken to my oldest son and that is Thumper's person.   We treated Thumper to some vet visits and wormer meds and he grew fast after that. 

  About a year later we decided Thumper needed a friend.  My sisters cat had come back, just to give birth again,  and in that batch was a cute little coffee and cream kitten.  My sister needed a home for the kittens so we took this kitten in.  She was soon named Chloe.  Chloe is very independent, finicky,  and yet has decided my lap is hers.  She grew fast and healthy, yet a couple pounds overweight.  She and Thumper, having the same mother, hit it off really well and have been close ever since.  
Chloe sits outside my bedroom door and in the morning talks to me all the while as we walk into the kitchen.  She is also the epitome of the cats that sit there and meow for food just because they can see an empty spot on the bottom of their bowl.  She loves her back scratched, especially before eating. She is also our bully!

Gibby, our orange classic tabby was a surprise rescue.  One day our city was hit with a really hard windstorm.   Thumper and I heard this meowing outside, usually cats are in hiding during the windstorms, so as Thumper looked to the door I went and looked out.  Our neighbor girl had dropped a little orange kitten on our lawn, that did not belong to her, as she ran into her house.  With her not telling where the kitten came from we took it in.  

Who could help it, this little kitten purred the minute we picked it up and he knew he would be safe from the wind.   He was so grateful to being indoors, loved and fed, that he would put his paws on either side of your face and look at you in the eye.  Cutest act ever, he melted my heart.  We found that he had been staying in another neighbors chicken coop but they did not know where he came from.  By the time they told us this he was our house cat.  

The kids named him Gibby after the Gibby on ICarly and he does have a personality all his own.  He is such a crazy cat, but a fun one at that.  He hates wind and to have someone blow in his face, but he has to sniff your face when you pick him up, and he really doesn't care to go outside.  He has grown big now, but still has his cute kitten face.  He gets bullied by Chloe but he has made my bedroom his domain.  

We love our cats and there is not a whole lot of upkeep as cats are pretty clean animals.  Doesn't mean we love other animals less, but these are our fur babies.  They are our friends, and love us as we love them.  They make us laugh when we need it and seem to know when we need their love and touch.   

So in my reviewing I do get lucky enough to try new pet items.  Some we share with others like my sister who also own a dog so we do try items for her.  Here is where you will find all reviews dealing with pets, from leashes to treats and everything in between! 

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