Monday, May 25, 2015

Biotin for Hair Growth By Prime Nutrients+

Vanity is something that we all have in some shape or form.  Mine was always my hair, I was proud of how thick it was.  Over the years I have had medications that have thinned it out and caused it to be fragile.  Nothing like losing a ton of hair.  While hair loss is normal, 80-100 hairs a day, it is minimal compared to how many hairs we have on our head.  The problem stems from when it does not grow back or as strong as before.  My loss was due to medication, but my sister had hair loss due to a pregnancy she had.  Hers grew back, mine didn't, LOL.

Vitamins and Keratin are important to hair loss, also to fragile nails and skin.  Biotin is a water soluble vitamin also known as Vitamin B-7, vitamin H, or coenzyme R.  It helps build the keratin in your body which is the  key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin. It is also the key structural component of hair and nails. 

Prime Nutrients+ prides itself on their great supplements, including their biotin.  They offer a Biotin supplement that has no additives beyond its capsule.  They also offer a 2 month supply at a low cost backed up by a 60 day guarantee.  Only take as recommended, unless otherwise recommended by a physician. 

Not everyone is biotin deficient and it will work differently on everyone.  Side effects, if any will also vary depending on person.  You may see a difference in your skin, hair and nails but it does take time, this too will vary depending on if you need the vitamin and if you take multi-vitamins, medication, or have a disorder that could be causing hair loss.           

There isn't any harm in trying biotin as it does work its way out of your system quickly  being water soluble.  So if your hair is thinning, your nails are breaking, and your skin looks dull try some today.  It may just be what the doctor would order.          

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Brightech™ - SCORPION - Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger for Electronics and Mobile Devices with Carrying Case 

I remember before being able to afford cell phones *gasp* and driving along the freeway just to end up at the side of the road with a flat tire or out of gas.  Not knowing is I could get or ride or trust a ride, having to walk until a ride showed up.   Now days we have cell phones but problems still occur, have you ever had to make a call and find out your battery is going to die.  You sit there a hope that the call will last long enough for help.  

Then there are the times when you get home so tired you forget to turn off the headlights, and next thing you know your battery is dead and no one is around to help you jump the battery.  You're on a trip, packing was rushed, you remembered your tablet and/or laptop but low and behold you forgot your adapter.  Things happen and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it or anybody who can help you.  Unfortunately, our society is so dependent on electronics and doing things ourselves, that we really wish we had that perfect emergency kit.  Now we do!!

Thanks to Brightech there is such a kit, the perfect "power" emergency kit.  The Scorpion! The black case contains all you need for those emergencies.  The main piece is the Scorpion, a battery pack that carries an ultra large capacity of 10,000 mAh, has a 400 Amp peak and is long lasting.  Only needs charging every 6 months. 

Missing power cord for laptop?  This kit contains 8 adapters for laptops and cord to connect to battery pack, computer powered.   Forgot your phone charger, kits has adapters for phones, including Iphones and Androids,  no more worries.  

Best yet...did you kill your battery, just hook up the the mini jumper cables and jump your car, does not need another car, the power pack does it for you.  The battery pack also has a strong led light, just in case you need a flashlight, which also can signal an SOS distress signal if needed.  All of this comes in a really nice carry case that is very well constructed to keep it organized and in the right place. 

I fell in love with this kit, because I always worry about "what if's" of cars, things happen and I want to be prepared.  This kit is now located in my car, right next to my first aid kit.   So if you travel or just need a little more security, the Scorpion will provide that in home or on the road! 

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We all have cars and each car have needs. At least that is what we think.  We are always looking for ways to upgrade or make our vehicles more comfortable.  We put them to use for so many things, taking kids to sports, going to work, family outings, travel, visiting family, and you get the picture.  So we look for many things that will enhance our travels or keep up safer.  In this section you will find items that will provide that comfort or enhance that safety.  From mobile phone holders to emergency kits and more, you will find them in this section. 



Brightech  is a company that offers lighting, electronics for automotives and home.  I have had the pleasure of reivewing several of their products and have been very impressed.  Not only have I reviewed items that were unique to me and will prove invaluble to many, but products of excellent quality.   

They provide excellent customer service and wonderful products.  In this section you will find the products I have had the opportunity to review and many I am sure that you will like, as I have.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Every where you go there is a beautiful world to see, whether you are hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, etc.   There is beauty everywhere, and one of the great ways we get to see that is by activity.  I can think about all the times I have hiked or visited a national park and have seen so much beauty, problem was that I was never able to get the best pics because I had to stop to take them. Some views there was not a place to actually stop and take the pic, totally missing the moment. Horseback riding is another such moment, I have seen herds of beautiful elk and deer, yet by the time you stop to take the pic they have spotted you and moved on, again missing the moment. 

Thank goodness for the progression of electronics.  With the social media we have been able to see more and experience more, things we would otherwise not see.  Not only with social media but with the progression of sports and activities cameras, that can video while you are active, have opened a whole new world for us.  We can now experience sky diving, skiing, and well some of the stunts that people do without having to leave our homes.  How great is that?  

Thanks to Anart's Sports Cam I can now go horseback riding in the Utah mountains and share the ride with my friends in England and Australia.  I can go ghost hunting with my son and keep my hands free for more equipment.  I can hike and show the world without having to stop.  

Why Anarts Sports Cam??  Because you get what you need to start your video and photo journey. There sports cam comes with a waterproof case, perfect for keeping your camera safe and for me to walk under the waterfalls.  They also include: 8 mounts, 2 clips, helmet mounts, tethers, and bandages.  The camera comes with a USB Charger and plug adapter.  

You can see what your filming or taking pictures of with the LCD screen on back, and it takes great pictures and videos due to the The 12-megapixel, Full HD 1080P and 170°wide-angle fisheye lens. The pictures are so clear and crisp.  You can film over 70 minutes of video and the burst shot feature is great for those moments that change in a blink.  The instructions will lead you by picture how do put the mounts together, they are also easy to follow on how to work the camera. You can also connect your phone WiFi and work it via the free app iSmart DV.

 I think one of my favorite features it he mini HDMI so you can see your film on your tv!  See the big picture. There are so many ways you can use this camera and do with it that I won't bore with all the details.  If you're like me you play and learn with it either way!  This cam is great for those on a budget to get started with filming their activities and stunts or just have more money for the play instead of spending it all on the more expensive models.  The quality is great!

I have really enjoyed working with this company, and unlike some out there they do care about their customers and want you to be happy with what you purchase.   

Order yours HERE

                             (What you get) 

                              Picture taken with Sports Cam

Video taken with
Sports Cam

Video taken from my sons bike ride with Cam.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


With doing product reviews I have to open a lot of boxes, and my hands have always had a diversion to cardboard boxes.  The boxes dry my hands out to the point where they itch and hurt.  I have always had a hard time finding a lotion that I like.  Usually the lotions are greasy, leave marks on all devices, and just does not absorb well.  Until now...until Aveeno! 

With Aveeno Sheer Hydration lotion I have found a product that not only works but works fast! Sheer Hydration absorbs really well and quickly so within seconds your hands feel smooth, soft, silky and the itching and pain from the dryness is gone.    

Sheer Hydration absorbs quickly so you can get back to your touch screens without smearing them with oils.  It also helps hydrate the skin for hours to come.  This lotion made my hands feel silky soft, and left a very faint clean scent, even though it said fragrance free, there are no added fragrances. Imagine what this will do for the rest of your skin and get dressed faster after moisturizing. I was very impressed with this lotion.

Aveeno is known for their products that are made with oats.  Oats have been used for a long time in baths to help itching from rashes and dry skin.   Oats contain protein, vitamin E,  B6, niacin, thiamine, enzyme, lipids, and antioxidants.   All important factors to help the skin feel better and heal and gain a restored ph balance. 

With a brand name that you can trust and a lotion that works quickly giving you wonderful results, you can't go wrong! 

Find out more about this and other Aveeno products HERE

I’m a member of the Crowdtap Aveeno® rewards program, and Aveeno® sent me a sample of its SHEER HYDRATION DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION to review

Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Lightweight Multi-Cat Litter, 15-Pound

With three indoor cats litter and how it works is important.  Litter is one of the things I have hated dealing with while having cats.  You need a litter that works well, does not emit powder in the air, and smell...well it needs to cover it but not have a strong scent in itself.  After all when you smell litter it smells like..yep..litter.  

So with the expense of litter I was very glad to be able to try the Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal for free in exchange for my review through Smiley 360.  After trying it I was very glad indeed!!  

Three cats can go through litter really fast and smell it up quite badly, yet with this litter I was able to fill the one litter box three times and use less each time.  The litter is lightweight so even with my Fibro I was able to lift the box an fill the containers easily.  Usually a job I put on my youngest son, Austin.   

I was very happy because there was no dust in the air while filling and no smell.  The great thing about this is with Gibby, he has been bullied by Chloe and so my bedroom is his domain.  The only way for him to use a litter box was to put one in my bedroom for him.   So no dust and scent was great so I do not have to sleep with the dust and smell.   The best thing yet is that fact that the litter does cover up scent really well.  My room does not smell like a litter box, ever! 

Funny thing is now my other two cats, even though we have two other litter boxes, have now decided they have to use this litter box too.  They actually like this litter, and still it does not smell.  Much like the commercial where they put the litter box under the coffee table in the commercial.  You would have to have one heck of a sniffer to smell it.

I have never found a litter I was perfectly happy with until now.  It is worth the cost. 

Now you can try it too, click HERE for your $2 off coupon today!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pet Products

Pet Products

I have always loved pets no matter what they are.  I have had turtles, birds, lizards of all types, snakes, rats, mice, rabbits, cats, horses, and dogs, more than I can count of each!!   

The thing about pets is they each require their own type of special care, and yet in some way they give us solace and happiness in return with their friendship and trust.   I have loved my animals and have cried over many losses.  The one thing I have learned over the years is that pets, each type, all have their own personalities.  Cats are the one constant that has been in my life.  I have three cats at this time.  

Thumper is our oldest, 4 years, and he is also our most submissive cat.   He was an interesting find for sure.  My sister had outdoor cats to keep their yard and field clear of mice.  They had one female that had disappeared and then a year later shows up pregnant.  The kittens were born and remained fairly wild, as they were way back in a wood pile.  After about six weeks the mother decided they were old enough for her to leave and all the kittens, but one, followed her away.  Thumper was that one. He was the runt, a small fluffy ball.  Why he did not follow we do not know, after two days of him crying because he was hungry and scared, my sister called to come and help catch him.  Funny thing is that day I was snacking on jerky and it made the perfect way to catch this little ball of fluff.   Scared as he was, his hunger was stronger and the jerky smelled good.  We caught him and took him him to give him food and water.  After a couple days of weaning him onto dry food he was placed outside.  

My sister had a couple other adult cats outside and she thought they would take him in.  Apparently it wasn't Thumpers idea.  He decided he had to defend himself and so when feeding time came along he would stand in the middle of the dish and walk around in circles while he ate so the others could not get to the food.  A gray ball of fluff in the middle of the dish was the cutest thing.  He didn't grow very fast and so after a while I took him in.  

I am different from my family, as I have seen too many animals die, that my cats are indoors only cats ( I do let them out a few minutes each day on the good days).  So when we took Thumper in, he thought he was king!!  He was a shoulder cat at first and then became Mr. Independent.   He has taken to my oldest son and that is Thumper's person.   We treated Thumper to some vet visits and wormer meds and he grew fast after that. 

  About a year later we decided Thumper needed a friend.  My sisters cat had come back, just to give birth again,  and in that batch was a cute little coffee and cream kitten.  My sister needed a home for the kittens so we took this kitten in.  She was soon named Chloe.  Chloe is very independent, finicky,  and yet has decided my lap is hers.  She grew fast and healthy, yet a couple pounds overweight.  She and Thumper, having the same mother, hit it off really well and have been close ever since.  
Chloe sits outside my bedroom door and in the morning talks to me all the while as we walk into the kitchen.  She is also the epitome of the cats that sit there and meow for food just because they can see an empty spot on the bottom of their bowl.  She loves her back scratched, especially before eating. She is also our bully!

Gibby, our orange classic tabby was a surprise rescue.  One day our city was hit with a really hard windstorm.   Thumper and I heard this meowing outside, usually cats are in hiding during the windstorms, so as Thumper looked to the door I went and looked out.  Our neighbor girl had dropped a little orange kitten on our lawn, that did not belong to her, as she ran into her house.  With her not telling where the kitten came from we took it in.  

Who could help it, this little kitten purred the minute we picked it up and he knew he would be safe from the wind.   He was so grateful to being indoors, loved and fed, that he would put his paws on either side of your face and look at you in the eye.  Cutest act ever, he melted my heart.  We found that he had been staying in another neighbors chicken coop but they did not know where he came from.  By the time they told us this he was our house cat.  

The kids named him Gibby after the Gibby on ICarly and he does have a personality all his own.  He is such a crazy cat, but a fun one at that.  He hates wind and to have someone blow in his face, but he has to sniff your face when you pick him up, and he really doesn't care to go outside.  He has grown big now, but still has his cute kitten face.  He gets bullied by Chloe but he has made my bedroom his domain.  

We love our cats and there is not a whole lot of upkeep as cats are pretty clean animals.  Doesn't mean we love other animals less, but these are our fur babies.  They are our friends, and love us as we love them.  They make us laugh when we need it and seem to know when we need their love and touch.   

So in my reviewing I do get lucky enough to try new pet items.  Some we share with others like my sister who also own a dog so we do try items for her.  Here is where you will find all reviews dealing with pets, from leashes to treats and everything in between! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brio Radius Nail Clippers

 I have finger nails that grow fast but break really easy, and toenails that grow fast also but chip.  I hate having to do a lot of filing on my nails, especially my toenails.  They are thick and well, toenails yuck!!   I look around the house for nail clippers and often find nail clippers, but they are the cheap ones that have either dulled or has a chip in them somehow.  I usually have to cut my nails shorter with them as they break the nail worse as they clip and then I end up having to look for an emery board because the clippers cut so bad that the nail need to be smoothed and shaped.  

A lot of work to just fix and shape a broken nail!!

I used to be a nail tech and in doing so you learn how important it is using the right tools for the right purposes.  You also find out by trail and error what is good and what is not.  Cheap nail clippers are a definite NOT!!

I was able to review Brio Radius Nail clippers and I can honestly say they are awesome!!   They are sharp, and yes I know new clippers often are, but these are really sharp and you can tell the quality of the blade is excellent.   Plus the company guarantees to replace if they dull. You can't beat lifetime warranties.  

There are two to a pack, one for nails and a bigger one  for toes.  They are made out of a stylish brushed stainless steel, and the design has slots and a hole on the lever helps give you a good grip so they will not slip as you use them. They has a nail file integrated in them that is designed more like an emery board so that you can file and smooth properly after the cut, without damaging the nail again. 

 The cheaper nail clippers often have an actual nail file that can damage your cut nail.  They are usually hard to hold and really small, sometimes causing slippage and you to damage your nail or more.   

I like how Brio nail clippers have little slots on the end, I find that I can put them on a lanyard this way or ribbon, which help you find them or keep them where you need them to be.  These are such nice clippers that my son actually "stole" them for himself!!  LOL!  They are that good!!

Order yours HERE

Pink Glass Teapot Butterfly by Tea Beyond

I am a real tea lover, but I am used to brewing tea bags.  Since I have started reviewing I have been learning a lot of ways to brew loose tea.  There are so many cute infusers and then you have the french press, which was a new one to me.   Teapots have been around usually for heating water, as far as I knew.  Then one day I had the opportunity to review a Teapot from Tea Beyond, and wow what an addition to my tea items.  

Tea Beyond prides itself in well made tea pots and accessories.  They are not only well made, they are glass and beautiful!!  Even if not for tea they are such a neat addition to your kitchen decorations.  They offer flowering tea, glass teapots, and some teapots with burners.  

I was able to review the pink butterfly teapot.  It is a beautiful clear 24 oz teapot with pretty waves of dots along the side representing liquid tea drops.  A gorgeous pink glass butterfly as the handle on the lid, it symbolizes changes to a better life, much like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon.  The glass handle is also decorative, with bumps for a anti-slip touch,  adding to the beauty of the pot.  There is a glass infuser that sits perfectly in the pot , holds a good amount of loose tea.  The slots are thin but they work just right.  

The pot is made of heat resistant glass and is dishwasher safe on top rack.  I tried Dragon Well Green Tea in mine.  It brewed really well and just the right strength. It also kept warm long enough for me to enjoy more than one cup.  I really love mine and it does add some whimsy to my kitchen.  I look forward to adding more to my kitchen, how about you??

Order Yours HERE

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Premium Edge & Corner Guard From Bow-Tiger™

I seem to talk a lot about my son Austin, he was my trial and tribulation child I think! I gave him the middle name Chase, jinxing myself apparently. I have been 'chasing' him ever since! He is 18 now, thank goodness, but when he was younger he was so accident prone. We had him in the hospital getting stitches almost every two weeks. The one memorable time was when he was about four and he was chasing his brother. He was wearing onesies, running fast, and tried to take a corner on the berber rug, just to slide into the entertainment center head first. Yep, nice set of staples in his head that night. My granddaughter is much the same way. At four she is full of energy and has had her share of bumps and bruises.

I really needed this Edge and Corner Guard to protect my kids, the other stuff was just cheap and still didn't do the job. Now I have it for my grandkids which will be a blessing in my tiny house.

This edge and corner guard is so thick!! We are talking 1/4" thick sturdy NON TOXIC ECO foam that you place on the edges in your home to cushion your loved ones falls.  Use it on your entertainment center, hearth,  shelving, etc.

This kit contains:
15' edge cushions
8 corner cushions
45' of double sided tape to adhere your foam cushions with
32 tape pieces for the corners.

This kit can cover up to 56" diameter, or up to 44" square, or up to 36" x 60" rectangle.

Easy to apply and comes in four different colors: cream, coffee, wooden, black.
The foam will tear on the corners, not easily, but I was testing it. I was also thinking that I will decorate mine up with some washi tape for an accent. This is really good quality foam and I am glad that it is as thick as it is, I can be assured that it will protect my grandkids from falls.

I also recommend this for those who have elderly that are prone to falls, we do have to protect our loved ones.

Order yours HERE

Calf Compression Sleeves with Reflective Technology by Fitness Foundations

It seems like no matter what you do there is an injury that can occur from it or a health problem. Believe me I thought there were safe jobs out there somewhere, but I have even injured myself bagging potatoes. Yeah, yeah, I think that was the second worst injury I have ever had. Yet in sports we get injured, and being on our feet all day can cause injuries and circulation problems. There are runners who get shin splints and others sports people who injure their calves. My brother has a weight issue and he has bad circulation in his legs, my mom is a retired teacher tech and her legs really bother her from being on her feet a lot. Even the wonderful door greeters at Walmart have leg problems from being on the hard floor for long times. What do all of these have in common, the need for calf compression sleeves.

My son is so funny, when he saw these he tells me that his friends have told him that the sleeves help build the muscles in his calves. Although he has nice looking calves I will let him keep believing it.

The fact is that the sleeves help increase the artery blood flow,aiding in the recovery process due to increased oxygen and nutrients to the heart. It also increases the velocity of the vein blood flow, which helps the deoxygenated blood and lactic acid will get back to the heart quicker, increasing recovery rate and decreasing muscle soreness. Compression will also help to stabilize the muscle and decrease the amount of muscular vibration, resulting in decreased fatigue. The sleeves work good for most purposes, but use a compression sock if you have problems with your arch or Achilles tendon.

These sleeves are 20% spandex and 80% nylon for a nice tight fit. Make sure your measure your calf for the right size to fit your leg. They also have highly reflective stripes to help you be seen if running in dusk, dawn or at night.  These are a really good quality and do help protect your calf muscles. 

Order yours HERE

Keurig Reusable Refillable Coffee Filter Pod by Fill 'n Brew

Coffee is such a way of life that there has been so many ways to brew coffee and ways to drink it.  With all the types of coffee drinks, there has been many machines made to make them.  The best machines that have come out are the single serve cup machines with the coffee pods.   These are great for those that like different types of coffee or drinks, such as hot chocolate, tea, and more.  This has allowed people to experience different items without having to drink a full pot.  With these the coffee or other comes in little pods to insert in your brewer so you can brew a single cup.   

Some of us like the single brew idea but we like to buy our coffee in bulk.  I try many coffees and they come in bags, not single serve, yet the full pot idea is just too much for me to drink.  That is where these reusable and refillable coffee filter pods come in.  You can fill these with a single serving scoop of coffee, insert into your brewer, and get your one cup of delicious hot joe.   

These are labeled as Keurig but they do fit most other single serve pod brewers.  They are a great size and have stainless steel inside to filter your cup of coffee just right.  They are made of a sturdy, brown,  BPA free plastic, and the dolphin cutout on the side are so cute.  They work really well and with three to the pack you have plenty to use for different brews.   I think this is an ingenious idea as it saves trash and landfill space reusing these.

Environmentally safe and great economically you can't go wrong if you own a compatible system (check your machines specifications).

Order yours HERE 

Balaclava: Full Face Mask with Hood (2-pack) by UrbaFitness

My sons have had to work outside for jobs, walk to school, do yard work and through it all we have tried hoods, face masks, and scarves for them to protect them.  Nothing has worked, besides who wants to wear a winter face mask in the summer to protect their face from flying grass while weed eating?   These are problems we have come up with in their activities, if it isn't the grass it is the wind, snow, dirt, rain, etc.   

So when my son saw that I got the chance to review these Balaclavas he was excited.  He made it well known he wanted one.  I have two sons so the 2-pack was awesome!!  When we received them the first one to it was my son. Austin.  He put it on an it fit really well.  He was excited to find out the different ways he could wear it.  It can be worn both open and closed, as a scarf, hat, neck gaiter, half mask, full mask, doo rag and so much more.  Austin decided to use it to cover his mouth since he had a cold.  He also used it to cover his head while weed eating the yard and realized how great it protects his face and yet he can still breather through it.  Little did we know at the time that he could get it wet and wring it out so that it could keep you cool while wearing. 

The material is a thin polyester, which makes it easy to breathe through and yet keep you warm.  It also makes it washable and easy to care for. The material stretches for a great fit on all who use it, one size fits all.  This one comes in black but you can find them in different colors. 

I think will be really great for all those who do activities outside, or for those who have to bear the weather.   With all the ways you can wear them isn't about time you bought some for your family?  

Get yours HERE