Friday, June 12, 2015

Washi Tape by Mikoka

Crafts are such a way to enhance our lives, decorate and liven our rooms and items.  Everywhere there is a craft, something fun to do with everything.   Tape crafts are something I remember from really young.   I remember when we used to take a decorative bottle and cover it with pieces of regular masking tape.  We would then paint it with shoe polish, wipe it leaving polish in the creases, and when done it would have an old vintage look to it.  We would gift these to our parents for vases or pencil holders.  At some point in time there has always been a craft made out of whatever kind of tape was around.  Duct tape used to be the new fad, duct tape wallets, and purses, and with the strength you could make almost anything with duct tape.  It was a sticky process! 

These days crafters have moved on to a Japanese tape called Washi.   Washi tape is a type of paper that is made from natural fibers, some in bamboo and hemp, but mostly from the bark of trees that are native to Japan called mitsumaba shrub or the gampi tree.  

Washi tape is strong and much like masking tape, yet it is great for crafters as you can remove and reposition it as needed without a sticky residue but it sticks well to all kinds of surfaces.  it comes in different widths, colors, patterns, and lengths.  Washi tape is decorative and pretty allowing your creative juices to flow!  You can find all kinds of crafts online and on Pinterest for washi tape, choose your pattern and enjoy yours today!

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