Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Keurig Reusable Refillable Coffee Filter Pod by Fill 'n Brew

Coffee is such a way of life that there has been so many ways to brew coffee and ways to drink it.  With all the types of coffee drinks, there has been many machines made to make them.  The best machines that have come out are the single serve cup machines with the coffee pods.   These are great for those that like different types of coffee or drinks, such as hot chocolate, tea, and more.  This has allowed people to experience different items without having to drink a full pot.  With these the coffee or other comes in little pods to insert in your brewer so you can brew a single cup.   

Some of us like the single brew idea but we like to buy our coffee in bulk.  I try many coffees and they come in bags, not single serve, yet the full pot idea is just too much for me to drink.  That is where these reusable and refillable coffee filter pods come in.  You can fill these with a single serving scoop of coffee, insert into your brewer, and get your one cup of delicious hot joe.   

These are labeled as Keurig but they do fit most other single serve pod brewers.  They are a great size and have stainless steel inside to filter your cup of coffee just right.  They are made of a sturdy, brown,  BPA free plastic, and the dolphin cutout on the side are so cute.  They work really well and with three to the pack you have plenty to use for different brews.   I think this is an ingenious idea as it saves trash and landfill space reusing these.

Environmentally safe and great economically you can't go wrong if you own a compatible system (check your machines specifications).

Order yours HERE 

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