Saturday, February 27, 2016

Professional Tattoo Gun and Tattoo Kit

Professional Tattoo Gun Tattoo Kit Tattoo Power Supply/ Colors Tattoo Ink Tattoo Needles Tattoo Supplies MGT-27 from Dragon Hawk

I am a fan of tattoos, I admire the art and talent that goes into them.  I myself have two tattoos.  My oldest son, Mitch, has a few tattoos and my youngest, Austin, wants a tattoo.   Mitch has learned to do tattoos and has some really good talent.  We keep bugging him by telling him that he needs to get into the business, and while he refuses, well.. we can reap the rewards with just the cost of supplies.  

As a product reviewer I often find the best way to get something you want or need is to gain it to review.  Considering I need my tats refreshed and Austin (no worries he is 19yrs!) wants one this kit came at the perfect time!  It is the perfect way to pay Mitch back for his tattoo work.  

When the tattoo kit came in we sat down with Mitch and he went through the box seeing what was in the kit and explaining what each piece does.  He was quite impressed that it had so many items.  

The first thing was putting together the two cylinders guns, this consists of putting together the needle, grip and a barrel.  Then you add this to the gun with the nipple/grommet, o rings and an elastic band.   Next connect the clip cord prongs to your needle.   We did find some glue residue on one of the cylinders, which should be able to be cleaned off. 

At this time you can hook up the foot pedal to the power box, which is usually the inside aux. The clip cord attached to your needle goes into the outer aux.   At this time you can adjust the front spring by adjusting the contact screw.  This can sometimes help adjust the vibration and then you can adjust the speed on your control box to how you are comfortable using your gun.  We did find out that if you adjusted the contact screw too much on these they won't work.  So it is trial and error on adjusting to where you like it. 

After we got the machine and guns assembled we tested it by tattooing a simple line on Austin's leg so he could get a taste of what it feels like.   Austin is funny when he is unsure of something because he freaks out, won't stop talking, and laughs uncontrollably.  But he dealt with it just fine. 

This kit comes with ink, it is not a high value ink so it may wear off considerably fast.  You will receive different shaders and liner needles, a stand for your ink cups, gloves, tips, and more.  

Since the ink is not the best Mitch decided to toss it out and we will resume tat work when I can acquire some high quality ink!   Only the best to last!

For a stater kit this is great to practice with and learn.  It will help you get the hang of putting your guns together and more.   For the cost it may be worth it to start with. 

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Friday, February 19, 2016

iRULU eXpro X1a 9 Inch Quad Core Tablet

iRULU eXpro X1a 9 Inch Quad Core Tablet PC, Google Android 4.4 Kitkat, 1024*600 Resolution, 8GB Nand Flash(Black)

 In this age of technology there is an ever growing advancement of tablet, phones, laptops, PC's, and so much more.  Along with the growth there are many different prices, models, and specs that can really get confusing.  We want the best for our money, but where do we start and are we really getting what we pay for?  Should we pay higher prices for trusted name brands, or should we try some new names out there and lower priced items?  Are they worth it?

We have a plethora of questions and doubts.  That is where product reviews really come in handy.  Reviewers have tried and tested the items and put them through whatever tests they can think of to see how well they work. 

I have had one such opportunity lately with the iRulu eXpro X1a 9" Tablet.   Long name but low price.   I have tried several tablets over the past few years and have found that some only last a short time, while others last longer.  I have learned other essential information such as which DC connection lasts longer and the difference between dual and quad core.  Now that is not saying that I know everything.  I am far from that kind of knowledge, but if you are not a techy kind of person then hopefully the things I do know will help.  

The eXpro Tablet is 9" of really nice color and screen that shows your videos and movies really clear. We did find that we needed to tip the screen just a little away from us, not straight up and down (yeah that is how I watched it first),  to get the ultimate picture.  It almost has a 3d effect, I am not sure if that is meant to be or not but sometimes it is kind of cool.   Our Screen felt a little rougher than other screens and it did scratch easy, so please get a screen protector for the screen.  This did not mar the picture or how well the tablet worked, but just something I noticed.  

The tablet is a good weight, like some of the really good tablets out there.  The case is sturdy and protects the sensitive technology inside well.  I have had some cases that have felt like really cheap plastic, not this one!  

On the outside you will find the power button on the top right side of the tablet ( the narrow side). You will also find on this side the aux plug in,  the micro sd card slot, a micro usb slot, and a dc input.  

 Now this tablet come with a micro usb cord, but not a power adapter, although it is very compatible with many other micro to usb cords you could have to other technology.  This does not come with a DC cord and I highly recommend that you do not use that method to charge.  The DC cords are round and are the cheaper forms of charging but are the ones that seem to break inside the tablet the easiest due to a prong that connects to the cord.   Use the micro USB and your power supply will hold up longer for your tablet.  You can also use this to transfer information from your tablet to your PC via the USB.  

To turn on your tablet hold the power button for a few seconds, to turn it off you do the same and then choose from the options that pop up.  If your tablet goes into sleep mode just click your power button once. 

The tablet has 8GB of memory, minus some for the apps already downloaded on the app, and you can add a micro SD card up to 32GB for more memory.  This is highly recommended so you can enjoy the full use of your tablet and apps. 

On the wide end of the tablet you will find a long button that controls the volume and a shorter button that is a "home" button.  The volume button is self explanatory but you need to push on the right side to lower the volume and the left side to raise the volume.  For me this is backwards as on my phone it is the opposite way.   The home button will take you out of any app you may be in and back to the home page of the tablet. 

The sound is not very high on tablets so I do recommend to use headphones for best sound quality of this tablet.   

This tablet has a front and back camera.  With the camera you can do video on front camera and picture.  On the back camera you can take pictures with better resolution, and you can also do panoramic pictures.  The panoramic is a fun way of taking pictures that do not fit all in the screen. You move the camera VERY slowly from one side to the other and the camera will put it all in one picture.  It is almost a fisheye view but fun none the less.  There are other options and settings that I suggest you just play with and see what you like and to get the hang of it.  

We did have some problems with downloading from Google Play, but my son was testing this first and I believe he may have downloaded something that messed it up.  We were able to fix it by resetting the setting back to factory setting and this has improved the speed and we are also able to download the apps without a problem.  How to do this is explained in the users guide that this comes with.  

On one last note, I have found that this seller is really great to work with.  If you have questions they will answer and help in anyway they can.   With every product you look into please make sure you check out the seller feedback, the reviews, and the warranty to make sure you are getting the best deal out there.  I have been quite impressed with this tablet and company and look forward to using this for my movie and gaming fun.  I hope you will too! 

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

HueMax Colored Pencil Set

HueMax Colored Pencil Set - With 48 Soft Core Colored Pencils - Best Quality Art Pencils for Shading, Coloring & Drawing

Adult coloring books are all the rage!!  It takes us back to our childhood and the soothing therapy that coloring used to be.  Learning to color within the lines was a great accomplishment.  Learning the primary colors and how to mix them to make the secondary colors and so forth, was rewarding. Experimenting, with shades and coloring items unnatural colors just for the fun of it.  Then as we progressed we advanced from regular colors and mixing them to the big box of colors!!
So many colors and even more creativity!!  It was color therapy in the best way!

I remember days of laying on the floor coloring.  I think the most thing I remember is having the smaller boxes of crayons and not having that peach or skin shade to color.  So I mixed pink and yellow to get a very creative (not) skin shade.  The way kids think, but it worked for me.  I was very adamant about being in the lines and getting the right colors.  As an adult I am forcing myself to be more creative with my coloring, and the adult coloring books are perfect for that.  

I love using coloring pencils, so much easier than crayons for those tight spaces, LOL.   Huemax's 48 coloring pencil set is one of the sets I have had the pleasure of enjoying.  there are so many colors!  I have found though that they are mostly cool colors.  There aren't any warm reds, which is pretty disappointing.  

For those who are wondering, cool colors are colors that have blue shades added to them and so they fit in a certain color palette, while warmer colors have more red tones to them bringing them to the opposite side.  The same concept is used in hair coloring, you have warm colors and ash colors.  Ash are the cooler colors.  So if you have burgandy red, this is a cool color, where as copper or auburn would be a warm color.  Same applies to any color out there.  

The Huemax's coloring pencils are sharp and they do stay that way for a while, so they are quite sturdy.  They come in a box that reminds me of crayon boxes, so for me, I did place mine in a carrying case so I could lay them out so they were easier access when I changed colors.  They are a good range of colors.  They start out light on the page and so you can apply in layers and get the depth that you would like of the color.  This will also help you blend the colors out as needed, if you wish. 

This is a nice set to start with and to start enjoying your own form of color therapy! 

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