Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brio Radius Nail Clippers

 I have finger nails that grow fast but break really easy, and toenails that grow fast also but chip.  I hate having to do a lot of filing on my nails, especially my toenails.  They are thick and well, toenails yuck!!   I look around the house for nail clippers and often find nail clippers, but they are the cheap ones that have either dulled or has a chip in them somehow.  I usually have to cut my nails shorter with them as they break the nail worse as they clip and then I end up having to look for an emery board because the clippers cut so bad that the nail need to be smoothed and shaped.  

A lot of work to just fix and shape a broken nail!!

I used to be a nail tech and in doing so you learn how important it is using the right tools for the right purposes.  You also find out by trail and error what is good and what is not.  Cheap nail clippers are a definite NOT!!

I was able to review Brio Radius Nail clippers and I can honestly say they are awesome!!   They are sharp, and yes I know new clippers often are, but these are really sharp and you can tell the quality of the blade is excellent.   Plus the company guarantees to replace if they dull. You can't beat lifetime warranties.  

There are two to a pack, one for nails and a bigger one  for toes.  They are made out of a stylish brushed stainless steel, and the design has slots and a hole on the lever helps give you a good grip so they will not slip as you use them. They has a nail file integrated in them that is designed more like an emery board so that you can file and smooth properly after the cut, without damaging the nail again. 

 The cheaper nail clippers often have an actual nail file that can damage your cut nail.  They are usually hard to hold and really small, sometimes causing slippage and you to damage your nail or more.   

I like how Brio nail clippers have little slots on the end, I find that I can put them on a lanyard this way or ribbon, which help you find them or keep them where you need them to be.  These are such nice clippers that my son actually "stole" them for himself!!  LOL!  They are that good!!

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