Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Lightweight Multi-Cat Litter, 15-Pound

With three indoor cats litter and how it works is important.  Litter is one of the things I have hated dealing with while having cats.  You need a litter that works well, does not emit powder in the air, and smell...well it needs to cover it but not have a strong scent in itself.  After all when you smell litter it smells like..yep..litter.  

So with the expense of litter I was very glad to be able to try the Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal for free in exchange for my review through Smiley 360.  After trying it I was very glad indeed!!  

Three cats can go through litter really fast and smell it up quite badly, yet with this litter I was able to fill the one litter box three times and use less each time.  The litter is lightweight so even with my Fibro I was able to lift the box an fill the containers easily.  Usually a job I put on my youngest son, Austin.   

I was very happy because there was no dust in the air while filling and no smell.  The great thing about this is with Gibby, he has been bullied by Chloe and so my bedroom is his domain.  The only way for him to use a litter box was to put one in my bedroom for him.   So no dust and scent was great so I do not have to sleep with the dust and smell.   The best thing yet is that fact that the litter does cover up scent really well.  My room does not smell like a litter box, ever! 

Funny thing is now my other two cats, even though we have two other litter boxes, have now decided they have to use this litter box too.  They actually like this litter, and still it does not smell.  Much like the commercial where they put the litter box under the coffee table in the commercial.  You would have to have one heck of a sniffer to smell it.

I have never found a litter I was perfectly happy with until now.  It is worth the cost. 

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