Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rhodes Microwave Cinnamon Rolls

I am not much of a breakfast eater.  I tend to wake late and then I just do not seem to find something I want.  Then there are those times where you just have to have a sweet fix.  I am always looking for something new and fast, something that is not totally bad but sweet nonetheless.  I really hate having a sweet tooth!!

Lately though I had the chance to host a Tryazon party with Rhodes Microwave Cinnamon Rolls.   Many familiar with Rhodes know how the dough to their rolls have to rise, so you set them out overnight in a fridge or for a few hours before you can cook them.  The rolls, cinnamon rolls, and orange rolls all work that way.  They are worth the wait and taste fresh, homemade, and good.  My family especially like the Orange rolls.   We were even more excited to try the Microwave Cinnamon Rolls. 

The great thing about the Rhodes Microwave Cinnamon Rolls is that they rise and cook in the microwave in just one minute.  Fast, fresh tasting, and delicious.   They are that good.  

Since we had gotten the family together, hard to do at times but we had gotten lucky, to try some of these rolls with us.  We decided to kick it up a notch and try a recipe with them:  Microwave Caramel Rolls.   

They were easy to make with only 3 ingredients and they cook in 6 minutes.  They were a hit with the family!  Sweet, sticky, and very good!  The next recipe we will be trying is Microwave Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble

Needless to say we are now big fans of Rhodes, thanks to Tryazon and I look forward to trying more recipes and yummy goodness!  Look for Rhodes products in your nearest grocery stores frozen section.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Johnsonville Original Recipe Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but in this day and age we are always on the run and don;t always take time to eat.  We look for on the go fast items if we do eat and yet when we do this we get processed and just plain not good for us food.  

Sausage is a breakfast food that has been enjoyed for ages and yet usually it is time consuming or if you cook the fast sausage it takes like cardboard.  Not so with Johnsonville's fully cooked breakfast sausage.  

We tried the original recipe as part of my Crowtap mission and my boys and I really enjoyed it. It only takes 25-30 seconds to cook two sausages in the microwave, so we cooked 4 for a minute.  They were done just right, juicy, flavorful, and hot!  They had great taste with original spices of a great sausage.  There wasn't any over cooked parts on them, as I have experienced on some, and being links they did not taste or chew like cardboard.  

In starting this mission I was about to give up as they were very hard to find in the stores.  Walmart is a big store around here and they do not carry it.  We ended up going to a Kroger store to find these link sausages.  They were located by the deli sausages and meats in the cold case.   They only carried the original and the Turkey so we tried the Original.  We were very happy to have been able to try these and finish the mission with yummy goodness inside of our tummy's!  

The great thing is, these are great for kids to pop in and cook for a healthier meal than Poptarts, they are great for breakfast and other meals, recipes, and more.  They can be also heated in a skillet!   

So for those meat eaters out there that love their protein in the morning this is the ideal breakfast treat! 

Check out the Johnsonville site and all their other great products HERE.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pyle Water Pick Flosser/Tabletop Electric Oral Irrigator System, 1.43 Pound from Pyle

I remember when growing up we had what was called a water pic. It was a machine that had a plastic tube that shot water in between your teeth and to your gums to help clean your teeth and improve your hygiene.  We loved it, not only was it fun to squirt water in our mouth, it was fun to squirt it at others and make a mess!  Kids! What can you say? 

Now days dental hygiene is just as important if not more so.  There is still the method of the water pic, now called water flossers, to help in the care of your teeth.   It is hard to floss sometimes and these water flossers are a big help....and still fun!  

Pyle's water pick flosser is just what you need to improve your dental hygiene plan.  It is small and compact, but comes with three regular nozzle picks and one tongue scraper. Perfect to get a small family started.  It holds a good amount of water and has the ability to change the power of the water for each person.  The water tank has a lid with a storage compartment for your nozzles.  Even though it doesn't come with them, there are two specialty nozzles you can purchase to go with it.  

This system is easy to use and to get your kids cleaning their mouths better.  Sometimes the toys involved make all the difference with how we clean, and this is one of those.  Is it time to add a water flosser to your regime??

Order yours HERE

Friday, October 2, 2015

Electro BT Bluetooth Light Up LED Portable Rechargeable Speaker with Pulse Lighting 10 Mode Technology (Graphite) by Mindscope

Music, it is the bane of our existence!!  We listen to it everywhere we go.  Music has progressed so much through the times, not just the beats and tunes but how we listen to music.  From violas to boom boxes,  8 tracks to iphones,  woofers to bluetooth,  music has been there and done it!  

Bluetooth technology has made things so awesome that we can mulitask more than before.  Even more so bluetooth allows us to take our entertainment everywhere, and provides us a multitude of speakers to do it with.  One that has especially caught my attention is the  Electo BT bluetooth speaker. 

Electro has come out with a speaker that not only provides you a way to listen to your music but provides you lights that pulse with you music, giving you an entertainment boost.  This nifty little speaker is round and white.  You can order it with one of six different color bands to give you variety.  the speaker easily connects to bluetooth but also has an aux cord so you can hook it up to your other systems.  You can choose to do the light show or choose a specific color of light, you can also choose for there to not be a light.  The lights pulse with your music so that they can vary in the light show.  The lights show up in blue, green yellow and red.  There are buttons to allow you to pause or play the music, volume buttons, and skip buttons for forward and back.  This is a really easy speaker to use.  

The Electro speaker is not only great for parties or outdoors it is also great if you have young kids afraid of the dark.  Just turn on some light music and the lights so they can watch the light show as they fall asleep.  It is fun, soothing, quality and party time all in one!

Order Yours HERE