Friday, December 19, 2014

I have been doing this blog now for maybe 2 months or so.   I review the products and I post it here.  I feel bad for the companies where I do find a flaw or that I try to wait for a non defective item.  I try to wait out time, but I am on a deadline for my blog posts and this one has put me behind.  So I am finishing up this post as just a post and if the company comes through then I will remove it and redo a nice one for them.
IArrow for Samsung Galaxy S5 {Tempered Glass} Screen, was received in November, it went on nice and easy.  Unfortunately I did have a flaw in mine, a squiggly hair like line.  I took off the screen, knowing I wouldn't be able to use it again , but as a reviewer I wanted to make sure I had not got a cat hair in there by mistake.   No mistake, not a cat hair and the line could not be moved or removed.  I contacted the company and they said they had no other complaints but would send out another one.  Nothing!!  Mid December ( a couple days ago) I received another email with a code and link to get a new one, didn't work, I emailed them back and have yet to hear anything.
they have a lifetime guarantee, so what is their problem.    I have another brand that has worked well on my phone, but highly disappointed in this company so far. 

I will update this post if anything does happen to change, but for sake of finishing my blog for Tomoson, here it is! I did receive this product free for review. 

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