Friday, December 19, 2014

Fun and Games

My family and I love games.   I grew up in a family that liked to have family nights and they consisted of playing various card games, such as Blitz.  We like board games too, but it never failed that card games won over.   I was taught to play solitaire at a young age, and enjoyed playing other games such as Simon and Yahtzee.  As I grew older, our family grew apart and it took a long time for me to get back into games.  

As I and my sister have had kids, and they have grown older we started getting the families back together for game night.  During the year we will play games with our own kids, if we are up at my dads we play card games, and on New Years Eve we usually have as many people as possible and play different forms of Poker (we do use cash, at least it stays in the family, LOL).  

My boys, even though they are teens now enjoy getting together and we will play games such as Phase 10, Monopoly, Clue, Life, and many more of the classics.  It makes it a real treat to sit and see how well our sportsmanship can be.   

Every year there are new games and concepts that come out.   Classics are being updated for the electronic world and new games are invented.  Some good and some, like Doggy Doo Doo, that just make you wonder what people were thinking. 

In this section you will come across various games that I have had the opportunity to review and enjoy.  If you have any questions or games that you have enjoyed please feel free to comment. 

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