Friday, November 7, 2014

Small Packing Organizer by Dot&Dot

I love trying new things, even better when they are useful. During the short time that I have been reviewing products I have come across things I have wanted to try and things that I have tried and loved. I was so excited when I was accepted to try Dot&Dot’s Small Packing Organizers, and even more excited when I received them in the mail. These are so cute and functional!!!

They are made with a light yet sturdy material, with a mesh top so you can see what is inside. The colors they come in are a really nice of assortment of colors, and they can come in a pack of four or just one. They also come in different sizes to fit your different needs. They have a handle for easy carrying and come in a plastic case that makes storing your unused cubes easy. I feel the price is very reasonable cost.

Dot&Dot originally made these to help organize your suitcases when travelling. You could use a cube per person or separate your items out for easier access. I don’t do much travelling, at this time, but I do remember a trip to Chicago. I had my suitcase organized with my prescription pills organized by the dosage and day in a pill organizer. I didn’t want to take a bunch of prescription bottles for just a few days. After I picked up my luggage and got to the hotel, I opened up my suitcase to find my pills all over the inside. My pill container had been broken from the rough handling. I had to take everything out of my suitcase just to find most of my medication. Some just seemed to disappear.

I can see the need for the Small Packing Organizer cubes. With all the products I try and freebies I like to get I am going to use my cubes for organizing them. I can also see using these to store seasonal shoes in or gloves, scarves, swimsuits, swimming towels, makeup, and so much more!! With the handle they would be great for carrying your electronics or as an on board bag when flying.

With so many uses I will be looking forward to purchasing more!

Order yours today, just click HERE.

                                                        Dot&Dot Small Packing Organizer

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  1. I have several Dot&Dot packing cubes that we use when we travel. They are very lightweight and can hold a lot of things. I love the organizing possibilities.