Monday, November 10, 2014

Dear Readers,

As my blog grows you will notice that I do a lot of reviews on some of the same type of products.  I do try to mix it up, yet it doesn't always happen.   This is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you can have the same type of product and yet receive a totally different type of quality or ingredients.

For example: There are a lot of facial serums out there that say they can make your face look younger.  Yet this can take 3-6 months.  So what I , as a blogger, will do is try many of them and look for qualities such as smell, thickness, ingredients, allergic affects, and any other differences between products.  Some are made with flower components, some are fruit components, etc.  There is also the fact that each product will affect each person differently.  I like the smell of some and not others, some are thicker and others aren't.  I notice the difference when I use the product in one to two days, but they are subtle and probably only noticed by myself.  Wrinkles will take a while to get rid of on anyone, but sooner on some than others.

As a blogger I will fill you in on all I can, and if you see information you like then try it and fill me in on your experience.  Every one is different.

I also at times will test many products at once.  The other day I was trying 5 products at once.  Crazy I know.  I separated my body in quadrants and applied a different product to each one.  The benefit of this is it lets me test products side by side.  Allows me to see if one cellulite cream makes a difference more than another, and more.  Drawback of doing it this way, I probably smelled like a perfume shop.  I had so many smells going on that it made me a little whoosy!  Between eucalyptus mixed with fruity smells I smelled like those minty/fruit gums.

We also review our interactions with the sellers, how well their communication was, how fast the product was shipped, how it was packaged, and more.  This help us blog only the best companies for our readers.  I will not publish any product that I can't seriously recommend.

Now that you know what some of us bloggers look for as we do these reviews, it will hopefully keep you from feeling skeptical on how many of the same types of products you may see us blog about.


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