Saturday, November 1, 2014

Best Detangling Hair Brush by Vizeri, LLC

Hair!! One of our vanity spots, but can be a lot of work. I am always looking for something that will make hair easy without having to chop it off or go bald. The longer the hair the harder it is to brush. So when I opened up the package with this brush I wondered if it would really work. I was skeptical as it just seemed like, well, another piece of plastic. 

So I first used this brush on my wet hair and it worked great. I have long hair that tangles really easy, yet this brushed it out in no time without all the pulling other brushes do. The different length of the bristles really do work for this. It was a little hard on my hair at first but I thought this brush will work great for people with thick hair. 

 After my hair dried I used it a few more times, and the plastic bristles seemed to soften with more use. The handle design is great and it does fit really well in the grip of your palm. The plastic is hollow so it feels a lot lighter than normal brushes. I highly recommend this brush for those with hair that tangles really easy, kids and adults.

The company is great to work with also. They will email you with how to care for your brush and an e-book on using your brush. They really care that you get the best out of their products. 

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detangling hair brush
Best Detangling Hair Brush by Vizeri Beauty

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