Wednesday, November 5, 2014

For Children

There are a lot of products out there that we wonder if they really are good for children or not.  I remember one Christmas I had bought my boys, who were about 8 and 6, this Science Lab Candy Maker set ( I see your head shaking wondering what the heck was I thinking).   I was hoping that it would be something that we could do together after I got off of work on day, and that it would be fun. Well, Adam, my 8yr old really didn't care.  Austin, my 6 yrs old loved the idea....but he has no patience! 

I came home one day and the floor in their room was multicolored, sticky sugar!!!  Needless to say, Austin had decided why use the lab to make candy when all he had to do was open the package and eat the ingredients. After that items with edible ingredients were not allowed!  

Another thing I have learned is that just because your child may be in the age category, does not mean he is in the proper mental category.  Example:  LEGO'S  Do we not all agree with this one! 

I really am not a bad parent, but I do not think that my boys ever built and actual design with the Lego's they were just there as a wicked torture device for Mom!  Makes a goo security device if you spread them all over the floor by your door, then adults can't enter.  Especially barefoot!

Our method to cleaning up Lego's:  A broom and a dustpan, otherwise I would die of old age before they would get cleaned up! 

That is my stand on children's items though, so I decided what better to have in a product review place than a children's section!  I hope you find what you need here, and please do not hesitate to ask questions.  

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