Monday, November 3, 2014

Best Digital Meat Thermometer Best Digital Meat Thermometer For Grilling by ChefEXS

I have always had a problem with overcooking my meats. My boys refuse to eat any pink, which in most cases that is fine, but really causes problems with beef. So I have always had to cut in the middle to check if it is done. So a meat thermometer was my cooking dream tool.
I have wanted a meat thermometer for a while now and feel very lucky I received this one. This thermometer is wonderful. I love the digital head on it, and the fact that you can change it from F to C was great! It also has a memory to keep store of the last temp you took. 

The case that sheaths it holds it very firmly and has a clip to hold it to a pocket. This makes it nice for anyone to keep it nearby. Battery operated but has instructions on replacing battery so the digital will last a long time. My meat will never be overdone again!!

This thermometer is a must for any cook! A++

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                                                               Digital Meat Thermometer

                                                          Digital Meat Thermometer

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