Thursday, April 2, 2015

1800 Prime Collection Bed Sheet Set

When it comes to sleeping we need to be comfortable.  Sleep doesn't come easy when the mattress is lumpy, too soft, too hard, or your pillow is not comfortable, or when your sheets don't fit your bed properly, are scratchy, starchy, or just plain not comfortable.   

With all us of sleep is a mandatory necessity, and with me and my fibro I have to have comfort in soft sheets.  My skin is sensitive and scratchy or cheap sheets just will not do. 

The 1800 Prime collection bed sheet set  is just what my skin called for.  With the 100% Luxury Micro Fiber Yarns 1800 Thread Count Egyptian Quality, the fabric is so soft.   It is like sleeping on a cloud of pure luxury.  I hate fussing with sheets in making my bed an having to tug hard to fit corners.  These sheets fit so perfectly and the 16"  deep corners make it so easy to fit corners and not have to pull hard and tug.   The seam work on these sheets is true quality and will last for a long time.  the fabric, not only soft, but is a great quality and will also hold up for a long time.   I love the embroidery trim on the pillow cases, too. 

I love the choice of colors and the camel color I chose goes with so much.   I really enjoy these sheets and will be looking to invest in more.   The one precaution with these is DO NOT use dryer sheets with them, you will ruin the fibers and look. 

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