Thursday, April 23, 2015

Premium Sports Water Bottle By Cricent

One of the biggest health concerns in America today is hydration.   We are always so busy to remember how we need to drink or we turn to food instead of water and other hydrating methods. 

Water is so very vital in our lives, so many have been lost due to dehydration.  No matter how active we are we need to drink 8 cups or more a day, and even more than that for active people.  Yet, sometimes we are just not in the position to where we can drink, unless we take our beverage with us. 

With this Premium sports water bottle we can efficiently take our liquid hydration with us.  I have tried many water bottles and I have to say that this bottle and style is the tops.  The bottle holds a good 24 oz and has a tight spill proof lid.   Now others boast spill proof lids but the locking device on this bottle keeps the lid tight and totally spill proof over all others.   The Premium Sports Bottle has a a plastic straw attached to a rubber straw so it is easy to drink from no matter where you are.  Can't say that about all bottles.   It is easy to clean, preferably hand washed, and BPA free.  

This bottle can be used for water, sports drinks, protein shakes, and more.  It also has a handle for easier carrying and handling.   Never need to go without your beneficial hydration again.

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