Monday, April 13, 2015

Effiliv Baking Mat Set of 2

I really slack on baking.  I mean, I really don't mind baking.  The recipes are easy enough for me, and the food is wonderful when done, and makes the house smell good.  BUT....I despise washing dishes!!  We all know how many dishes can get dirty, but the worse is the pans, I do not like cleaning pans, and cookie sheets, and...well you get the hint. 

The dread of dirty pans ended when I tried my first silicone baking mat!!  It is so nice to make cookies, put the pan away, and just rinse off the mats.  It was so awesome!  

The Effiliv Baking Mats takes away that dread of washing pans.  They come in sets, mine is a set of two.  You can also get 2 different sizes, highly recommended!  The silicone mats have a weave look and tapered corners.  They are extremely easy to wash and reuse. They will last a long time and are 100% FDA Grade and BPA free silicone can withstand heat up to 450°F.  No more burned cookies sticking to the pan, no more washing pans!   Now on a side note, I did try to use silicone baking mats with pork chops, just to see what would happen.  The mats were fine, but the chops burned.  So there are items you do need to be carefeul with using these with.   A matter of trial and error with greasy items such as red meats. 

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