Thursday, April 2, 2015

Leafholic Cute Silicone Tea Infuser with Drip Tray

One of the fine things in life is tea, especially loose tea.   Tea is used in so many ways and forms, and helps with so many ailments.  I have found that I love the herbal teas.  The wonderful mixtures of floral and herbal bases and the exotic tastes.   Loose tea bring so much more into your tea then just fine powders or finely ground mixtures.  It brings more taste and more body to the flavors.  

The trick with loose leaf tea is you need the proper tools to help infuse it in your water.  I find that I like the small infusers and this monkey diffuser was too cute to pass up.   

The cute money has a color changing face, mine goes from a black/ dk gray when cold to a pink when hot. Great way to tell how hot your tea is before you sip it.   The cute monkey hangs over the edge of the cup just like it is resting in a hot springs, and the body makes up the diffuser part.  You just open it up, the two parts being connected by the tail, and fill the bottom part, with holes, with you loose tea.  You get the perfect amount each time.  Close it up and place it in your cup of hot water letting the monkey to relax on the edge and enjoy!  Let sit for a minute or two, depending on how strong you like your tea, and fix to your liking.   

When you are ready there is a little disc to put your monkey on so you do not get tea drippings everywhere.   Simple, cute, easy !  The diffuser is made of silicone and easy to wash by hand. 

I have enjoyed mine and now you can enjoy yours too.   
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