Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chair Lumbar Support by VIVE

In my family we really don't have poor posture until we sit down.  Unfortunately we also have a genetic case of scoliosis in our family and many effected by it.  Meaning even while sitting we have to watch our posture.  My oldest son, being so tall, his scoliosis is so bad that his spine is not only curved it is actually rotating,  putting him in a lot of pain.  My second son, he is also tall and has scoliosis in the same part of his back as the oldest, but not yet as bad, even though we are watching for onset rotation.  My youngest is safe so far!   The two oldest had growth spurts that were so rapid that they have stretch marks on their back, which my oldest sons doctor has never seen before on anyone but my son.  Surprising what doctors do not know.  The thing we have noticed is that boys seem to get scoliosis in their upper back by their shoulders and girls seem to get it in their lower back, as my niece has scoliosis there.   

While exercise and learning posture techniques help in the mild cases it isn't going to do a lot for the more severe cases.  The problem is doctors will not do anything until they see the cases get severe enough, and they obviously do not see all that is happening with the spine unless they x-ray, yet insurance companies are picky about that.   So how what does this all have to do with lumbar support, well what do kids do all day?  They sit in school in improper chairs for back support, they slouch, and some sit around at home,  If they have back pain, some will ignore it until it will get extreme because they go off into their wonderland of music, video games, and tv.  Then as they get older, like us, they sit at desks for jobs.

What we can do as parents.  One: teach them proper posture and exercise from the beginning, and even now, it is not too late.  Two: Make sure they have proper back support in all their sitting domains. 
Lumbar supports help the lower back get the proper support so that you sit properly and give your back the correct alignment. When we received this chair lumbar support I figured I would be using it for my back, but then the boys had to try it.  Austin, my youngest, likes to sit on the floor and watch his computer or tv.  He sat against the couch and put this behind his back.  He said it made a full improvement on what his back felt like and was very comfortable.  So we let Adam, my middle son with scoliosis, try it.  

Adam works as a cart pusher at Walmart and then he comes home and records on YouTube.  He wants to be a gamer on YouTube, so sitting will be a biggie for him in life.  We let him try the lumbar support and he loved it!  He constantly uses it now, as it has really improved how his back feels.  He is now getting the proper alignment that his back needs.

This chair lumbar support by Vive is really made well and is lightweight so you can carry it to work, school, church, or wherever you may need it.  Taking care of our backs is important no matter what the circumstances, and Vive understands this.  Many people have bad posture and do not sit properly for their health and with this lumbar support you can help train yourself to sit properly.  Proper back alignment will help the rest of your body systems improve also.  Take care of your back now!

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