Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pyora French Press Coffee and Tea Maker 34 Ounce

Coffee and tea has been a staple going way back in all countries.  It brings an essence of life alive by greeting us in the morning, after dinner, in desserts drinks, keeps us healthy, and yes, awake.  In England they have their teatime,  where they break at a specific time and drink their tea, keeping them going for the rest of the day.  In America and other regions Starbucks is just a way of life.  

When it comes to fine coffee and teas it is hard to get the perfect cup with just a regular coffee machine.  The French press brewing device was patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929. With the french press you use a courser grind of coffee or loose leaf tea.  You place the coffee/tea in the bottom of the pitcher, add water and then place the lid on top, let steep and then press the plunger down slowly so all your coffee grinds or tea remains at the bottom while the brewed liquid remains on top.   You have more control over how strong your drink is, or how long it is brewed than you would with a coffee maker. 

The Pyora French Press offers the fine look of the french press, the fine filter and easy plunger to give you the best cup of coffee/tea.  I felt the company stated their qualities best on their amazon site:

"✓ #1 RATED FRENCH PRESS - High Quality Stainless Steel Coffee Maker made with the BEST Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass avialable. Why do we use Borosilicate glass in our Glass French Press? Borosilicate glass is resistant to temperature change; it does not expand like ordinary glass. It has a smoother transition between temperatures, and can even withstand different temperatures at the same time making it perfect for brewing iced coffee in your French press.
✓ SUPERIOR FILTER SYSTEM - Compared to other French Presses on the market. Our DOUBLE thick plunger filter is the quality of having two plunger filters with no need to purchase replacement filters (BIG COST SAVINGS!). The Stainless Steel Plunger has NO LOOSE PARTS, making it easy to clean and safe around children. We GUARANTEE that you will not have any coffee grounds in your coffee.
✓ MANY BENEFITS AND USES - Not only can you use your Stainless Steel Coffee Press as a Tea Infuser and Coffee Press. Your Press Pot can be used to Froth Milk, Rinse Quinoa, Infuse essential oils, Strain Foods and make Iced Tea Beverages. The French Press is also known as a Press Pot, Cafetiere, Tea Press, and Espresso Machine" as stated on Amazon as of date this post was written. 

I truly feel that Pyora came out with the best French Press Coffee Maker.  I have enjoyed it and even my son knows how to use it properly.   Until I received this French Press I did not know all the many things you could do with is, even brewing tea wasn't an idea I would have thought of with this.   Knowing the many uses has just upped the value of this French Press for me ( now I know what to do with my other french press while using this one for my brews!!)  

Pyora French Press is sturdy and built so well that they offer a 90 day %100 money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  You can't go wrong!

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