Monday, April 13, 2015

Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel

Summer is approaching, and even though we may have complained about the cold this winter, we are bound to get to a point where we complain about it being hot.  I, for one, seem to do this each year. Yet, it is a shame to stay indoors during spring/summer, there is so much to do!!  I like to work in the garden, there is camping, and bbqs, fishing, hiking, sports,  and the dreaded weeding and lawn mowing.  

Even though all the above is fun it can sometimes be treacherous in the heat.  Thank goodness for the Chill Pal Cooling Towel.  My question is "where was this when I needed it?"   

The chill towel makes me think of a thick chamois.  It is strong, thick and, yes, it is cool feeling.  It comes in a nice storage tube.  It was a little bit hard to get out of the tube the first time as it is wrapped in plastic, but it is very easy after that.  When you take the towel out of the plastic you will feel it cool and damp.  At this point, I knew it was a wise investment and worth it.  

To begin using it you simply get it wet, squeeze and use it.  This would be great for any sports, exercise,  construction workers,  yard work, etc.  Anytime you need to cool down.  Since this towel is for cooling purposes I would actually keep one of these in my emergency kits and cars.   Reason? Because kids, older people,  pets, and others can get overheated in vehicles.  Also, because it would help if you had a feverish child.  My perspective, anyway.  

This towel dries stiff, so store when damp.  The material is an innovative PVA material that stays soft to the touch, easy to wash and reuse, and stays cool for hours.  

Don't take the heat lightly this summer, get your own Chill Pad Towel.

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