Thursday, April 23, 2015

In life we often forget the important things in life, such as health and dehydration.  Society makes it really easy to not eat and drink right with all the prepared foods and the sodas, not to mention always being busy and running around and forgetting to drink.  Water is the best thing we can drink for our bodies, after all our bodies are about %60 percent water, and in life that water evaporates needing to be replenished.  

While we can reach for soda and other beverages it doesn't mean that we are getting the water we need, while we are actually putting a bunch of chemicals, preservatives, and sugar into our body. Water is great but in some areas it has different mineral contents making the flavor of the water vary from place to place.   Thank goodness for infusion as it allows us to actually flavor our water and add vitamins and minerals to it while masking the mineral taste, and not adding the artificial ingredients our bodies do no need.  

With Decodynes infusion pitcher you can stir up 3.25 quarts of delicious flavored water to your liking.   Infusion pitchers have a slotted tube attached to the lid that goes into the water or beverage in the pitcher.  In these infusion tubes you add various fruits, herbs, or vegetables and the longer this tube is in the water the flavor or the ingredients in the tube "infuse" and mix with the water giving your water added flavor and vitamins.  

The Pitcher had the tube attached to the lid and it is easy to remove and replace back on.  The pitcher has a very nice curvy shape with added red (available in other colors, too) to give it a touch of style and make it look nice wherever it is used.  The plastic of the pitcher is sturdy and will not break but does require hand washing for proper care and long time usage.  

I have really enjoyed this pitcher myself as the water in my town has a high mineral count and tastes much better with the different infusions.  

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