Monday, April 27, 2015

Poker Party Bites! Silicone Chocolate Molds / Ice Cube Trays

I don't do a lot of gambling, but once a year my extended family and I get together for New Years and play poker.  Sad to say my nephew usually breaks us all.  But, it is all done in fun and we have a fun time playing different poker rounds from Blackjack to Baseball.  Great way to pass a long night! 

I had the chance to review this silicone poker party bites mold and thought instantly of family and poker nights.  This will add to those night with poker candies or ice cubes.  The designs aren't really big as you can see by the quarter, but they are perfect for chocolate or other candy bites and ice cubes. 

The silicone is sturdy and the candy and ice cubes release easy from them.  Great thing about silicone is you can do so many things with it.  You can make yogurt bites, chocolate covered berries, chocolate mints, mint ice cubes,  berry ice, lemonade ice, etc.  In mine I did punch ice, it is a brand that has no color but tastes like pineapple mango.   

I think this mold will be really fun to experiment with and I look forward to playing with other shapes.

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