Thursday, April 23, 2015

Taylor'd Milestones Scotch/whiskey Glasses Review

There are times when we get home and need to relax, chill.  So many people turn to alcohol, they reach for a glass or cup out of the cupboard and with a few ice cubes they partake of a drink.  Scotch and whiskey make for a great relaxation technique, until our drink turns warm.  Then it is just tastes like alcohol flavored water.  With the right drinking glasses we can prevent this from happening. 

Taylor'd Milestones realized this and provided us with a solution.  Taylor'd Milestones Scotch/whiskey glasses are made to keep your drinks cold and preserve the flavor for the duration of the drink.  These glasses are thick and so they do not warm up too fast in your hands, helping the ice last longer.  They have a nice thick bottom which helps keep you glass stable on tables and cupboards.  This also helps in making your ice in your cup last longer. 

They even added a special touch, a diamond etched in the bottom of the glass.   This beautiful touch makes you feel like you have the glasses of royalty.   (please see video review below on important information regarding etching.)

With these sturdy glasses you will be drinking in style, and we all deserve to chill with class. 

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