Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Waterproof Card Holder Case by Goldeneye

There are many things we do in life and not all things are safe for our wallets. Yet wherever we go we should have ID and money, and if possible emergency items.   While fanny packs can be useful in these cases they are not waterproof and highly unattractive, unless we want our apparel to scream tourist!  Purses can be bulky and  in some activities we just can't take them, and while wallets are usually feasible they are still not safe in everything we do.

Why not have a more attractive and safe way to carry our cards, keys, money, etc.  This waterproof card holder case is the perfect solution. With this case it is perfect for credit cards, license, key cards or keys, loose change or dollars, even small tool kits. It has a waterproof seal o-ring seal and an easy clip to open it and close tight. The carabiner clip makes it easy to clip on a belt loop, back pack, or even a purse, it even comes with a ribbon to tie it around your wrist.  It also has a ring so it is perfect to add to your key ring. 

I love that this pack comes with two so I can have one for different purposes. The case is a hard plastic, the only drawback I can see is if this gets hit hard enough it may shatter. Yet in most cases it will be perfect for activities like river rafting, water parks, amusement parks, hiking, horseback riding, mountain climbing and so much more!!

Why not get yours now for your summer fun, Order HERE.

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