Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Squirrel Tea Infuser by Decodyne

Tea is such a staple for my family.  We drink it especially when we get sick, but I like to drink it for energy without caffeine and sometimes just for the taste of it.  Tea and the herbs that make it up helps with so many things and is healthier than regular medicine.  When we get the onset of a cold we start drinking Echinacea tea and it cuts down the time of the cold or prevents us from even getting it.  For upset stomach we drink peppermint, sore and scratchy throats calls for licorice root teas (throat soother teas).  Teas are also great for detoxing. 

Lately we have explored into the loose leaf tea area, and I must say I am very pleased.  The loose leaf teas give you more body and flavor to you teas.  There are so many more blends available and flavors.  Along with expanding into this area I have had the fun of trying and collecting different infusers, one such being this cute and adorable squirrel. 

This cute plastic squirrel sits there on the rim of your glass while eating his nut and infusing your tea.  His tail rotates so when you are not using him his tail is pointed upward while he whimsically sits where you want him to.  When he is in use his tail is pointing down in the water infusing wonderful flavors in  your cup.   

The bottom of the tail has holes and is removable to place your loose tea into.  He has a groove on the bottom of his body so he sits nice and sturdy on the rim of your cup.   Easy to let steep, and when you are done, remove the bottom of the tail, empty his tail and hand wash with mild soap. 

I really enjoy using my little squirrel, he does a good job, is safe plastic, and cute enough to adorn my cupboards. 

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