Friday, October 2, 2015

Electro BT Bluetooth Light Up LED Portable Rechargeable Speaker with Pulse Lighting 10 Mode Technology (Graphite) by Mindscope

Music, it is the bane of our existence!!  We listen to it everywhere we go.  Music has progressed so much through the times, not just the beats and tunes but how we listen to music.  From violas to boom boxes,  8 tracks to iphones,  woofers to bluetooth,  music has been there and done it!  

Bluetooth technology has made things so awesome that we can mulitask more than before.  Even more so bluetooth allows us to take our entertainment everywhere, and provides us a multitude of speakers to do it with.  One that has especially caught my attention is the  Electo BT bluetooth speaker. 

Electro has come out with a speaker that not only provides you a way to listen to your music but provides you lights that pulse with you music, giving you an entertainment boost.  This nifty little speaker is round and white.  You can order it with one of six different color bands to give you variety.  the speaker easily connects to bluetooth but also has an aux cord so you can hook it up to your other systems.  You can choose to do the light show or choose a specific color of light, you can also choose for there to not be a light.  The lights pulse with your music so that they can vary in the light show.  The lights show up in blue, green yellow and red.  There are buttons to allow you to pause or play the music, volume buttons, and skip buttons for forward and back.  This is a really easy speaker to use.  

The Electro speaker is not only great for parties or outdoors it is also great if you have young kids afraid of the dark.  Just turn on some light music and the lights so they can watch the light show as they fall asleep.  It is fun, soothing, quality and party time all in one!

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