Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trios Crossbody Bag - Designer Crossbody Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap Perfect Messenger Bag for Woman - Multiple Pocket Crossbody Purse for Women Top Zipper Closure Crossbody Purse - Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Woman By MKF Collection

Have you ever had those times when you are shopping and it is crowded, you are trying hard to get through the crowd without knocking items off the shelves with your purse?   It never fails, you pack your bag with all the things you may need,  book for those long waits, makeup (after all we know how shopping makes you sweat), the mini bag with our monthly personals, pepper spray, stun gun, pocket knife and those little tools for everything,  nail polish and nails (often broke in the shopping hassle), checkbook, wallet with credit cards, coin purse, card holder for all those beloved discount cards, I can go on.  A woman's arsenal!  

Yet those big bags can get in the way during shopping, on the bus or subway, during work or school, so for some of us we designate what we need solely for that time and downsize.  The perfect downsized bag for getting around in crowds is the messenger crossbody bag style.  Not only is is small enough to carry the necessity of our wallet. phone, keys, and lipstick it is safer to carry all those around in when in crowds.  

The main strap is long enough to go over your neck and a shoulder giving you bag a firm safe spot to hang.  This prevents someone from being able to come along and rip your bag off your shoulder or out of your hand.  This also allows the bag to hug your body, this prevents it from bulging out and hitting everything around you. 

The Trios Crossbody messenger bag gives you this security.  It also has a smaller strap so that in the not so crowded times you can carry it by hand.  The faux leather look is quality, it has the soft weathered leather look with a beautiful medallion sporting the front.  The front has 2 stylish zippered pockets that open up for extra space and quick access.  The back has another zippered pocket.  The zipper pulls are chunky and really add to the style.
The inside is lined with a quality fabric and has one other zippered pocket.  The stitching of this bag is done really well and gives this bag the quality aspect it deserves.  The crossbody bag comes in 15 colors (black is sold out at time of this posting).   I really love the style and will continue to use this bag for my needs, after all I hate leaving purses in a shopping cart and they fall off my shoulders all the time!!  This one won't!!  

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