Saturday, October 10, 2015

Johnsonville Original Recipe Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but in this day and age we are always on the run and don;t always take time to eat.  We look for on the go fast items if we do eat and yet when we do this we get processed and just plain not good for us food.  

Sausage is a breakfast food that has been enjoyed for ages and yet usually it is time consuming or if you cook the fast sausage it takes like cardboard.  Not so with Johnsonville's fully cooked breakfast sausage.  

We tried the original recipe as part of my Crowtap mission and my boys and I really enjoyed it. It only takes 25-30 seconds to cook two sausages in the microwave, so we cooked 4 for a minute.  They were done just right, juicy, flavorful, and hot!  They had great taste with original spices of a great sausage.  There wasn't any over cooked parts on them, as I have experienced on some, and being links they did not taste or chew like cardboard.  

In starting this mission I was about to give up as they were very hard to find in the stores.  Walmart is a big store around here and they do not carry it.  We ended up going to a Kroger store to find these link sausages.  They were located by the deli sausages and meats in the cold case.   They only carried the original and the Turkey so we tried the Original.  We were very happy to have been able to try these and finish the mission with yummy goodness inside of our tummy's!  

The great thing is, these are great for kids to pop in and cook for a healthier meal than Poptarts, they are great for breakfast and other meals, recipes, and more.  They can be also heated in a skillet!   

So for those meat eaters out there that love their protein in the morning this is the ideal breakfast treat! 

Check out the Johnsonville site and all their other great products HERE.


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