Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pyle Water Pick Flosser/Tabletop Electric Oral Irrigator System, 1.43 Pound from Pyle

I remember when growing up we had what was called a water pic. It was a machine that had a plastic tube that shot water in between your teeth and to your gums to help clean your teeth and improve your hygiene.  We loved it, not only was it fun to squirt water in our mouth, it was fun to squirt it at others and make a mess!  Kids! What can you say? 

Now days dental hygiene is just as important if not more so.  There is still the method of the water pic, now called water flossers, to help in the care of your teeth.   It is hard to floss sometimes and these water flossers are a big help....and still fun!  

Pyle's water pick flosser is just what you need to improve your dental hygiene plan.  It is small and compact, but comes with three regular nozzle picks and one tongue scraper. Perfect to get a small family started.  It holds a good amount of water and has the ability to change the power of the water for each person.  The water tank has a lid with a storage compartment for your nozzles.  Even though it doesn't come with them, there are two specialty nozzles you can purchase to go with it.  

This system is easy to use and to get your kids cleaning their mouths better.  Sometimes the toys involved make all the difference with how we clean, and this is one of those.  Is it time to add a water flosser to your regime??

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