Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fruit Infused Water Bottle 25 Ounce by Decodyne

We know the newest in thing in nutrition is infuser drinking bottles, add fruit and the flavor mixes with your water.  A great way to add extra nutrients and keep hydrated at the same time.  The one thing about infuser bottles though, is that the infuser is at the top so that as you drink your water you only have a slight infusion of the fruit.  After all, your water only covered the fruit in the beginning but not at the end of your drink.  

That is where Decodyne redesigned the infusion bottle.  They inverted the infuser, it is now on the bottom of your bottle so that the fruit is in your water until the last sip.  How ingenious is that??  I love the idea!  

The 25 ounce bottle is tall, sturdy and has a nicely formed lid with a long plastic straw.  Nothing new?  Well this plastic tube of a bottle has a bottom that screws off so that you can unscrew the attached infuser filter and fill it with fruit that will flavor your water to your liking. Please make sure the bottom is tight so you will have no accidents.   I have noticed there is one downfall, the straw is long enough to get the last drop but with this being the case there doesn't seem to be enough room between the infuser and the sides to give the straw the air it needs for proper suction.  There are two ways to help this: one is to cut the straw (not really recommended but would work), two is to loosen the lid so that there is extra air flow,  you don't have to loosen too loose for this to work, and then when done sipping just tighten lid again.   The definite benefits to this bottle is the full fruit flavor infusion to the last drop!

Decodyne has been well known for their kitchen wares including infusion pitchers and bottles.  I think with the inverted infusers they will kick off their products even more.  I know I will be looking forward to and inverted infusion pitcher.  Until then I will enjoy this bottle!

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