Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Best Pedicure Callus Remover by Drs ProChoice

Here it is, summer time, perfect time to don the sandals and show off our feet.  The best way to keep cool during the hot months.  

Unfortunately I inherited my families callused feet and without beaches around for the natural exfoliation I resort to other means.  I have tried almost all the tools out there and have shaved my calluses too close and walked in pain or just hid my ugly feet!  I have tried the balm and sock  method, which if used consistently can help. Yet, I am one that in the middle of the night, have to kick off my socks because they make me too hot, and what hasn't soaked into the sock, and even what has, makes the bed messy.  I have also tried the files which just seems to be a lot of work  without the results, except for working out the muscles in your hand and arm from the effort.

So despite all the methods my feet still looked bad in my sandals and I just grinned and beared it.  Until now, with this callus remover it files away the dead skin easily.  On my feet, without the constant upkeep it does take time to file the dead skin off, but once the initial first time is done it is easy to keep up on them.  

This powerful callous remover has a powerful little motor that provides a little file roller the ability to file quickly and safely all that dead skin off.   No more shaving those calluses too close.  You will want to do this over a towel or the tub as you will see all the dead flakes coming off and leaving a mess.   This callous remover will make it easy for those times you need to quickly repair your feet for that hot date or the beach.  I do suggest using this on your feet at least once a week if not more and use a really good balm or lotion right afterwards. 

The callous remover can be used on wet or dry feet, and is easy to clean.  It is battery operated, and to maintain the power you will want to maintain the batteries.  As the battery power goes lower so will the roller.  I recommend rechargeable batteries for your convenience.  The batteries are easy to replace, just turn the bottom of the handle 90 degrees and pull, the cap will come right off to replace the batteries.  The callous remover comes with an extra roller and a little brush for cleaning. The head is very easy to remove, button on the side, and you will want to clean under the roller after each use.   

I must say I am very pleased to have received this to remove because now I can have nice feet without all the drying, cracking skin.   This has become one of my favorite products.

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