Monday, June 22, 2015

Hygenie: The Original Acne Fighting Silver Ionic Pillowcase from Best Infomercial Products

Sleep is essential to our bodies, it helps them recover from the day of stress, helps give them time to rest and function properly.   But did you know that with the right bedding you can also help protect your body from germs and allergens.  A lot of times it can be these germs that cause your face to break out.  I get those small pimples along my hairline, the ones that just seem like they will never go away.   You can wash your face, go to bed and still they seem to appear.  The thing I was not consciously aware of is that my pillow cases could be a contributing factor to this issue.  After all we lay on our pillows and cases for a week or so and all the germs the air and on our bodies are being transferred to the case and onto our face while we sleep.  

Now we can help block allergens and germs while helping to heal our acne at that same time.  The Hygenie Pillow Case helps us do that.  We have heard of hypoallergenic bedding, but the first question that arises is how does this pillow case help us heal our acne?

The Hygenie Pillow case is infused with ionic silver.  

Ionic silver what is that and how does it work? 

Ionic silver, besides being a very controversial subject, is a form of silver that can help cell regeneration, fight bacteria, boost immunity, relieves inflammation,  and help soothe the skin.  

Now as I stated this is a very controversial subject between what used to be called colloidal silver and the now ionic silver.  For years colloidal silver was used to treat acne, rosacea, and other skin disorders, not to mention ingested to help the immune system.  It is said that ionic silver does the same.  Where as acne is caused by bacteria, as are some allergies and bad orders, the ionic silver in infused in this pillow case helps fight that bacteria preventing these problems.  The silver helps the inflammation of the skin diminishing the look of acne and helping your skin cells rejuvenate clearing up the skin even faster.   This is not saying that with severe cases you should use the pillow case alone, I still suggest regular cleaning of your face and a tropical solution to help heal your acne faster.  With that being said, the pillow case will help for a faster recovery. 

My experience with this pillow case has been a good one.  I have noticed my acne diminish a bit and I do like that even after a couple weeks of using this case it still smells fresh. Freshness is a big thing after using this a couple weeks, because there are times when I drool while sleeping, yet I haven't seemed to during use and if so I see no marks of it as I would on a regular pillow case and no smell (you know that morning breath smell we all hate!) So I feel the silver is working.  

The case itself feels like you just wrapped your pillow in a t-shirt.  It is not a satiny or Egyptian cotton feel.  You will want to wash it before using, I didn't and it has a bit of rougher material feel.   

I do feel like this is a good investment, I will also be testing this on my son who has extreme acne and finding out how well it will work on him.  I will update later on how well it works with him.  

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